HELLO KITTY HAS NO MOUTH and Pimpin Ain’t Eazy

“Happy Endings, American Dreams” photomedia series by Mariko Passion, copyright 2007.






The director of Girl Fest, Hawaii takes a stab at feminist critique of the We, Asian Sex Workers postcard seen in the post BELOW this one, which depicts one of the images that I did as part of the “Happy Endings, American Dreams” photomedia series above that I displayed on the ar+space gallery walls.

“…Notice how this girl on the flyer is made to be or at least look underage, wearing a Hello Kitty jacket– a popular youth logo. Keep in mind, Hello Kitty has NO mouth to speak for herself. This girl is sitting on a bed in a brothel. Below her are the credit card logos of visa and mastercard with the words “BUY FINE ART” in caps. This flyer is not only promoting the pimping and selling of young girls, it is COMPLETELY racist, perpetuation the hyper-sexual underage exotification of Asian women and girls.

To be clear, Girl Fest and I have been working for the rights and protections and services of women and girls with no economic option but to have their bodies sold for sex to survive. We want to get them out of the industry and help them heal. However, WE ARE COMPLETELY ANTI-PIMP and JOHN. We are firmly against the legalization and decriminalization of prostitution. This SWOP/APLE Pimp Lobby is subversively anti-woman, under the guise of the arcane term “Harm Reduction.”

Kathryn Xian and Girl Fest Hawaii (www.girlfesthawaii.org) which also ran a Girl Fest San Francisco the SAME week as the Sex Worker Film Festival and the WE, ASW art show represent the anti-prostitution position that believes that women and girls in sex work are not capable of self determination and that sex worker rights feminists are and should be called out for the PIMPS that they are. She uses Melissa Farley as her source for credible information on why prostitution is harmful. Farley believes that ALL sex work is forced prostitution/rape, all women in prostitution have been prostituted and are unable to consent due to their post traumatic stress disorder, and all male clients are rapists and need to be cured of their insatiable, morose desires.

So, Kathryn showed up at one of our University of Hawaii speaking gigs and called me and the rest of the APLE (Arresting Prostitutes is Legal Exploitation) a bunch of pimps, accused us of taking money from ‘the pimps’, and implying that we make underage girls lapdance at our lapdance fundraisers from SWOP. She was just waiting to throw her accusations at the end of our (Carol Leigh, Stacy Swimme and I’s) presentation, upon which she kept saying,”Hello Kitty has NO MOUTH, Mariko! She CAN’T speak for herself!!” and then in classic high school fight style, she stormed out saying “JUST BECAUSE YOU ARE A QUEER ASIAN FEMALE DOESN’T MEAN YOU CAN’T BE A PIMP, MARIKO!! See you on Monday!” …leaving us to deconstruct her accusations without her….


Before Kathryn’s beautiful illustration/performance of the unreasonable hostility anti-prostitution feminists embody when dealing with sex worker activists in feminist spaces like the Women’s Studies Coalition Meeting of the University, she had sent the above analysis in email blast to all the local feminist organizations. I was honored to have been the subject of her deeper examination. That, after all is the POINT of making GOOD ART. If I have made you THINK, (re)think, re-examine and converse about MY work–then I’ve done my job as a post-porn modernist (as Annie Sprinkle might say) artist.  Success!

and now for some thoughts, STRAIGHT FROM THE KITTY’S MOUTH:

First off, calling me a pimp is CRAZY! Not because I have not perhaps technically participated in what could be considered as pimping (I ran a failed escort agency, which never never profited off of prostitution, it was more like an expensive experiment in advertising debt) believe me, so I’m apt to think it wasn’t pimping). PIMP is a an amorphous, ambiguous, misused and misunderstood term that has a pop culture definition (big hat, feather, gold grill, cane..a Black man usually) and a LEGAL defintion (profiting off the avails of prostitution) which makes an escort agent, a stripclub manager, a boyfriend/partner/husband ALL technically able to call themselves pimps. Then there’s the pop culture def which is like the N WORD in that it’s used just as much in songs and movies but has been so far removed from what it originally was that it’s lost it’s meaning because of cultural appropriation and bastardization.  Just like with many racially weighted and charged words, like the N word.

What do people MEAN when they say the word PIMP? And what does it mean to call a SEX WORKER ACTIVIST a PIMP? And to say that in some way, we are being PAID by pimps is even more ridiculous, cuz if any of you know the rules of the game: REAL PIMPS GIVE THEIR MONEY TO NO ONE, especially not to [NO BITCH.]

Pimps and self determined, independent, outspoken prostitutes like myself and the rest of the activists on the speaking tour with me, would certainly not work together financially. We WISH we got funding for our activist efforts by other donors besides OUR CLIENTS. At best, in some situations, like with Pam from APLE who did street outreach for years in Waikiki to girls who DID have stereo typical pimps who wreaked stereotypical violence on their workers, the activists and outreach workers who worked on giving the sex workers some sense of POWER, LOVE AND FREE CONDOMS were at best, tolerated.

Hello Kitty was born and created in Japan in 1976, and is “made in China” these days, making her half Chinese and half Japanese and 31, JUST LIKE ME!! The girl in the image is made to imitate the many, many, faceless, long, black haired, shamed, trafficked Asian sex slave that she thinks I really am in that photo.

To be clear, I have been working on giving Hello Kitty a mouth my entire sex work activist career of 9+ years. In this sense, HK stands for the voices of Asian women’s sexuality, Asian feminism, Queer Asian women even. On a more personal note, I do IDENTIFY with Hello Kitty because of her childlike sexuality, it’s true. But that has always been a part of my specifically very hyper sexual, hyper ethnic style of art making and performance art; ever since I was known as the asian****… If Hello Kitty is the voice of Asian women, Asian sex workers, Asian culture then, in every way, with the work that I do, I try to give HK a MOUTH to speak for herself. We, ASW was a group show, not a solo exhibition and it featured the MOUTHS of many many Asian women from Bangladesh to Chicago, and it seems to me that anti-prostitution events like Girl Fest might do the opposite of allowing the Hello Kittys of the world to speak for hersel[ves].

1 Response to “HELLO KITTY HAS NO MOUTH and Pimpin Ain’t Eazy”

  1. 1 realpimping
    September 4, 2008 at 6:34 am

    What I can’t understand is how a woman who claims to be concerned about women would want to see a woman go to jail for having sex for a fee. I am talking about Melissa Farley and Katherine Xian they are feminist activists who want to see women who are prostitutes arrested, charged with a crime, fingerprinted and go to jail or “reform”.

    I am sure they are for repeat offenders being charged with felony prostitution. Yes did you know in about ten states you can go to state prison and be a convicted of a felony just for prostitution if you have a certain amount of prior prostitution convictions.

    You can have sex with 10 people for free but if you have sex one time for money you are a criminal, that is crazy don’t you think? What is crazier is you have women who say they want to help these woman by putting them in jail even label them felons.

    There are problems with any vice. Tobacco and liquor are legal they have a lot of problems but they encourage people not to smoke. They tell people to drink in moderation. They don’t lock up people for it unless you commit another crime like DWI drunk driving. With gambliing it is the same. We now have casinos all over the country, we have lottory, mega millions, scratch off lottery tickets but they just encourage people to bet with their head and not over it.

    Why can’t Melissa Farley and Katherine Xian just encourage women not to be prostitutes, they have a right to do that. But to arrest people for prostitution come on it is a waste of money just leave people be.

    The government wants to control everything, the way you think, the way you eat, the way you drink, the way you party, the way you gamble and even the way you fuck! The government uses the Melissa Farleys and other sexually frustrated women like her as shills to justify spending millions and millions of dollars on bullshit like prostitution law enforcement.

    Then they bombard people in the Life with propaganda to divide and conquer us. Pimp vs. Indy/Renegade, Madam vs. Indy/Renegade, Pimp vs. Madam etc. But we must all unite. Hey the system doesn’t want a prostitute to have a man. They want her to be alone and bitter. That is so damn sad.

    But Pimps and Prostitutes must clean house. We have to “police” ourselves. Let us set platinum standards. No more unsafe sex(bbbj,dfk etc.), no snitching or co-signing and justifying snitches, no simps promoting underage girls. Let us run all the losers who are in the way out of the Game. If we do this we can get this decriminalized or at least they will not crack down as hard.

    I do not care for most polititians but I suggest unless you are filthy rich you should vote Democrat. So I will vote for Obama as I would have voted for Hillary if she would have won the primary. Democrats are not as concerned about adult consensual prostitution as Republicans.

    The worst thing we can do is fight among ourselves. So we must all unite to fight our real enemies which are the Melissa Farleys, LE and other lames, hypocrites and moralists.

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