I’m sorry sir, you must have thought that GFE meant STD!

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The GFE acronym in the escort world has come to be known as the “Girl Friend Experience” which is another one of those lovely ambiguous codes for one or many multiple sex acts that occur with prostitutes and their clients have sex for money but are trying to mask their real intentions by using codes like GFE, “full service” and more. Some of them are really explicit as seen in this email between potential client Lance and I, as he lays out all of his expectations for a 2 hour appointment for $500.

after I emailed him my standard discreet reply about how $500 includes a massage with a full service experience of some kind..LANCE: Let’s see Not interested in a massage… waste of time. Full service should include:

  • GFE- Girlfriend Experience
  • DFK- Deep French Kissing
  • DATY- Dine at the Y
  • BBBJTCIM- Bareback Blowjob to Completion In MouthMultiples ((he means I should allow him to cum several times for the price of once))
  • Greek ((ANAL SEX…probably without a condom for Mr.Lance, but Greek itself just means Anal))

I think the above could interest me for a 2 hour appointment. Let me know if it scares you away.Thanks.  MP: i don’t exchange fluids with strangers.sorry.L: That’s cool. I was only able to find one luke warm review on TER. ((NOT TRUE! it’s a fucking 8/10, which is great, even though I hate the review system))  I guess Porn Star Experience(PSE) isn’t on the menu. Oh well good luck with business.MP: that’s EXACTLY it. That’s a great acronym. I’m going to write about it on a blog! Ha. How can you imagine that someone that you don’t know would allow you to cum in her mouth? Of course there are people that WILL always do it. But you aren’t monogamous to ME, as I am not to YOU, nor are we going to get tested together and stay monogamous…so essentially you are asking me to risk my life. It’s like playing russian roulette with semen. Are YOU willing to do that, if I give YOU $500? Okay, then if so, I will let you drink a vial of someone else’s semen and then we’ll be at an even risk.

L: How ironic you fuck for a living and paranoid about diseases?

I’ve heard everything. Take up a different line of work. Oh, with one review on TER and you sell pussy… give me a break. Business must be slow or not worth the price of admission.You have probably been out there a lot longer than your reviews. Under different identifications I guess. Reviews must be badddddddddd!!!!! You’re so special and want $500. I guess the piano lessons didn’t pay off. You keep your fluids and I’ll keep my $500.I could decontruct the power and race dynamics evident in his assumption that because I’m Asian and smarter than him, I must have taken piano lessons, because I “sell pussy” I should give him whatever the fuck he wants, “multiple” times, and kiss him with tongue after he fucks my ass without a condom and cums in my mouth! Yay! And the scary thing like the fucking rest of the pathetic hobbyists on review boards like The Erotic Review who only rank girls a 10 if they are “really bi”, kiss clients on the mouth and of course, my favorite “BBBJTCIM”- Bareback Blowjob to Completion In Mouth…just like you saw in the movies, boys!!Too many men think that the “PSE”-porn star experience that Lance was fantasizing about, is on the menu with their girlfriends, dates, and hired whores! But it’s NOT! And don’t be surprised or offended if it’s NOT! Be thankful that your whore is paranoid about diseases! The Erotic Review encourages the spread of STDs by creating a ranking system that essentially rewards you for putting yourself (as the receiver) at risk, and punishes you by allowing clients to rate you poorly for not participating in unsafe activities. And then we get attitudes like old Lance here, who seems to be completely surprised that sex workers could even possibly be paranoid about STD’s?  ((And if you dear reader are trying to look me up in these review boards to sabotage me, Mariko Passion is not my working girl name, silly trick..)) I determine what is on the menu, when and if I get together with you, I have a right to maintain my boundaries and make those explicit with you …OR NOT. So what, if I put a condom in my mouth and slide it on at the last minute without telling you??LESSON 1 for those of you that didn’t know:Sex workers create FANTASIES. Porn portrays sexual fantasy.  Fucking without a condom, is a FANTASY for most.  Even oral fucking.  And there is some debate in the porn industry right now about using the 30 day STD test as a substitute for condoms. If you assume that everything should be on on the menu because you have paid me, you will soon learn an expensive lesson.  And if you think that YOU run the show as the client…and I should have some sort of corporate customer service attitude about you always being right or something, then I have a big dildo waiting to stick in your ass.I just can’t help but think about the girl who will finally allow him to live out his fantasy. Optimistically, I’d like to think that most of the girls out there will just laugh at him. But we never know..It’s always assumed that someone will allow more than you always. This is where the strength of our movement is crucial and peer education and sex worker empowerment programs not prevention and pity programs are more effective than anything…I realize with men like Lance why sex workers ARE the leaders or potential leaders in HIV/STD prevention OR how they could potentially be the catalyst for male privilege, sexism and the spread of disease, even though the spreading of the disease will disproportionately fall on that of the sex worker and continue to uphold the same stigma of being disease vectors that we have been fighting since the beginning of this old profession.

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