Embrace your SUPERWHORE and ride it harder than Governor Spitzer! GOD SPEED YOU KRISTIN!

This blog entry is inspired by articles like this: http://www.southtownstar.com/news/brehm/854961,032308brehmcolumn.article


I’ve been following this story and not weighing in on all the internet madness that goes on in the blogosphere. I guess I’m really not a real blogger. I’m too busy on the computer doing work related to running my organization that I don’t have time to do internal work on my activism like blog and/or edit video. Or SING. Or WRITE MUSIC. Music about this movement and my position in it. Ashely Alexander Dupree, I haven’t looked at her myspace, but I’ve heard her song. I’m wondering if she is going to be able to survive this wave and make it to the top. I wonder if she is as driven to succeed as I am. I’ve been adding up all of the different offers that have been proposed to her by Dennis Hoff of the Bunny Ranch, Penthouse, and Hustler. She could be a LEGAL prostitute, completely OUT of the closet and cashing in and set herself up for life, smartly investing in music production and some property. She could set this amazing precedent by actually FILING TAXES as a SEX WORKER. Of course, I don’t know what kind of legal trouble she is in. But what can they get her for OVER the usual misdemeanor. My hypothesis is that whores are stronger than Britney and that Kristin won’t break under this pressure. She’ll just hide out and bide her next move. Then she’ll hit the cover of Hustler, Penthouse and then launch her album. Strike a deal with Flynt and do a concert and strip tease in all the Hustler clubs. AND GET PAID FOR IT. FINALLY. Not let that asshole who exploits, and I DO daresay EXPLOITS not because they are doing sex acts for free or very little money, but because he gets paid off of this both in physical stimulation often, from these willing drunk girls who too quickly become cheap and easy, which is what a working girl even hates, because believe it or not it ain’t your charm that makes us easy, its YOUR MONEY. Girls Gone Wild are cheap because they let a male priviledged producer capitalize off of their actions, again and again and again without ever demanding or even knowing how to go about demanding residuals. So we are always girls going wild but never escaping, sex slaves bound forever; not slaves like in that anti-trafficking is prostitution is ‘slavery still exists’ campaign sort of way either…More girls need to go TRULY WILD and REVOLT through the glass ceiling that exists especially in the male dominated media/entertainment/porno industry.

…but I’m only talking about that because i just saw Kristin/Ashley’s Girls Gone Wild. And I shared a Burningman camp with the GGW camera guy one year and he told me how he got them in the hotel room and how they’d just go crazy to be on the show that they would re enact every hetero college guy’s wildest dream and make out with each other and then simultaneously go down on him FOR FREE, or at most for $200.

But, I’m not an Emperor’s VIP girl. I was a craigslist upsell bait and switch agency escort. And sometimes I had sex for around $160 after the agency took their half. So, who am I to talk about being cheap, right? Charging a lot is a priviledge that some working girls NEVER reach and that is part of the problematic thing for most do gooders and even progressive activists. Sucking dick to survive is harsh. I’ve been there too.

But now, thanks to Ms. Kristin I’m trying to reach higher highs in this game. I’m inspired to CHARGE MORE and WORK LESS. Because, somehow, I’d lost my dignity and because I’ve been so deep in the credit card interest debt hole that I’ve had to work as much as possible, even when I didn’t want to until 5am or 6am, AND run my chapter of SWOP. But THANK GOD. and also Thank Kristin for inspiring me to charge more, cuz the year of the rat is ideed bringing the prosperity it promises…

DEVILS ADVOCATE: Okay, MP, why can’t you just see it as “sex positive?” Why you gotta hate on the brother just cuz he’s getting laid with his camera. Haven’t you done the same with your camera? Is it so wrong to use what you got? Maybe everyone doesn’t care if they profit…

I don’t know. I have issues with male priviledge. That’s why I am a sex worker. Dupree is a singer and a whore. This is why I am watching her closely and watching how the music biz is reacting. I wish it were me actually. I am a singer and whore! I am ready to blow up, but I know that the world is definitely not ready for ME! Although, NBC did call me for an interview and I was really nervous about being on national TV…but if Ashley can embrace her inner whore and use it to sell herself smart then she will have successfully made more than the usual percentage for women in this business. I’ve heard all these old school feminists call her disguisting and other things in the media, totally buying into the sanctity of marriage bullshit.

The fact that he is such a hypocrite and liar is the reason why he needs to face MAXIMUM penalities for his CRIME, but after his trial, the world needs to DECRIMINALIZE PROSTITUTION and come expose my ideas on politics, prostitution over music.

1 Response to “Embrace your SUPERWHORE and ride it harder than Governor Spitzer! GOD SPEED YOU KRISTIN!”

  1. 1 animeguy73
    March 25, 2008 at 9:19 pm

    I agree with you wholeheartedly, that prostitution should be legalized and I hope that Ashley makes the best of her situation and can pull through. I also am on your side when it comes to G.G.W. it is horrible to take advantage of someone man or woman if they’re in an altered state. Again thank you for the comment on my article and nice blog, hopefully you can reach people with it and make them think.


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