Oh! Professor!

jademarcellaJade Marcella in Scene #4 of Naughty Little Nymphos was the favorite of my boyfriend and I..

google search: jade marcella naughty little nymphos

Well, perhaps mostly me. The performances’ most memorable moment is when Jade utters “Oh! Professor!” while he is ramming his ugly sausage into her on top of his desk. It is really funny to me because the grosser and more demeaning the older white professor character is with his slacks pulled down just enough to get his dick and white butt out of them, THE HOTTER IT IS TO ME! Ha ha! When he is naked, of course, white socks still on.

I think it is because there is an unknown fetish about being stimulated by the extreme opposite of what it is that you think is “right.” You know, wrong, as in the Black English ‘you so wrong‘ is what I’m talking about here. Being told to lay ass up face down over the desk of an authority figure, further up on the hierarchy of priviledge, or at least pretending to be, the better. Jade’s body is like a rubber band. I’ve always watched in envy at how painless and easy anal sex from any position of entry is made to seem by most of these girls in porn movies. I guess that’s why they get paid the big bucks, (well, some of them…I think it pays like $800 a scene these days) I actually don’t do anal with clients, or should I say “Greek…” Why? Besides the fact that I never want to feel vulnerable with clients (via both the pain and the orgasm), is that it hurts! But with my real lovers I let it hurt in a good way…but it NEVER lasts as long as you see in the movies. I guess that’s why porn is not my chosen form of sex work. If anyone wants to receive a Greek treatment from me and my strap however, that, is a different story, and one that I like to partake in, especially with men..

But, johns and joes are not allowed the privilege of MY asshole. Only vice versa. I can’t relax enough for it to feel good. And I’m really not interested in having an orgasm with my clients. And if I’m all tense, it hurts, and anal is more of an STD risk than other forms of sex. Oh! I just remembered another example of how movies and real escorting are NOT equivalent. I had two clients once, decided to *try* the DP thing that I see in the movies. Of course the guy in the back gets soft and falls out! He can’t get hard with another guy’s dick under him…blah blah blah…I tried it for a good minute tho, and it was…like love boat: exciting and new…

When I have a strap on in someone’s ass, my penis envy is ALMOST satiated completely, and I feel, indeed, like I think a man, like the professor in the video, must feel. Dominant, dirty, and the deliverer of much needed punishment..

ANYWAY..I’m digressing. The reason I even did a review of Scene #4 of Naughty Little Nymphos in the first place, was because I just did my “Oh Professor!” this week and I had to just SHARE this story with the world!

I did an escort call with a tenured professor at an unnamed college campus in San Francisco in his OFFICE-DURING THE DAY. Tell me my job doesn’t continue to get funnier by the call. It was just hilarious to me because I have actually TAUGHT THERE AS A HIGH SCHOOL TEACHER during a summer session a few years back. I have done ALL KINDS of jobs there now! Too funny, indeed. The sex, was, not like the porn movie AT ALL. Needless to say. I tried so hard to live out my naughty student fantasy for the novelty of the call was so enticing. It is, after all MY fantasy too. But, escort sex just doesn’t work like porn sex or “real” lover sex for that matter. It just doesn’t for most of us. Maybe some. But not usually me. We had to be silent so that stifled his ability to grab my hips and FUCK the shit out of me (which, if I am to be pleasured sexually at all, that MUST come natural to the professor of MY fantasies)

I ended up just doing business as usual, with a fun story to tell my friends and blogging audience after. I could have run off with his $$ when I went back to my car to get condoms, but I wanted to try to make it pleasurable for me too. It wasn’t really, but I think that this won’t be the last study date the professor and I will be having in San Francisco…

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