Yes, I do fuck fat guys.

obese guy

some of our clients can be bigger than usual

My latest obese client was a joy.  Why?  Because I felt tiny in his arms and because even though his scale lied to me (it said I was a whopping 7lbs lighter!), I left his place feeling happier, lighter in mind and body and heavier in the pockets.

But do I do it just because of the money?  I walk in without judgment or snide comment, I turn up the ipod to his favorite music and dance around in my g-string above him as he lays on his back.  He’s a young Latino guy and Tupac is on the shuffle so I try to channel my best video vixen.  Most of the time, I tell him to lay on his back.  Sometimes, guys who are wayyy heavier than me think for some reason that they would like to be ‘on top’ still.  I remember the first time I did this with another, being scared of being crushed.  We pass time with a massage, a happy ending, a bong hit and some Bob Marley.  He wasn’t cheap or disrespectful.  What a perfect date as far as I’m concerned.

Sometimes, the stomach is so big that you can’t even see the penis, but sometimes it’s all good and normal despite the 6 pack of fat that hangs low like extra testicles.  This guy wasn’t that obese.  I looked in his house and could see that he, like me, like many many others had been working on it.  He had a dusty treadmill and a scale.  I laid on top of him using deep breath and touch to establish trust and relaxation.  I felt like saying, man, do you know that people think that I am obese?  That I have body issues like you and that clients and strangers ask me “When is the baby due?” almost every OTHER day??  Sometimes, we can be perfectly fine with ourselves.  It’s other people that fuck it up.

Yes, I fuck fat guys.  And old guys.  But once you have done sex work, your standards of beauty and weight in clients just slips away if you are in it to make a living.  Also–you realize that “fat” and “old” and “ugly” people like other people need sexy time too, and if you are professional enough to give them this time and have fun while doing it, then you will last in this work.

1 Response to “Yes, I do fuck fat guys.”

  1. 1 williamrockwell
    August 1, 2008 at 7:41 pm

    Hey Mariko! After our brief interaction at the SWOP dinner I wanted to follow-up and I stumbled across your fantabulous blog – totally relate on the post – I don’t know how many times friends act disgusted when they think about my clients, whether “old,” “fat” or otherwise.

    Also, I really need to be educated on some her- and history about Asian sex workers in the United States, especially on the West Coast. Thinking about that brief conversation I thought I’d solicit you (hey, hey) for resources – books, films, anything – on that subject. You can write me at rockwellwill@gmail.com

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