Viva La Puta Revolucion! (Starting my WhoreTour08::MEXICO)

What an amazing time I am having in Mexico City at the International AIDS conference this week.  It has been more than overwhelming here..Every day is so much work: marching, tabling our booth, installing my art show and then I have to prepare for my 3 performances on the main stage on thursday!  omg! Every day is a 12 hour day and the program of events is as big as my undergraduate catalog at university. It reminds me of Burningman in how overwhelming it is, how much I want to show my best work, how many people (25,000 come in this week!) except, the reason I quit going to BM was because I wanted to really talk seriously and specifically about global issues instead of hallucinate about them in the dust. (not that that doesn’t have it’s wonderful time and place too*)

These photos are from the first march that we did in downtown for diversity (LGBTQ and sex workers), following the same historical route as Pancho Villa.  We marched with 1000s of people, but most importantly, marched with at least 60 Mexican sex workers, which was an amazing experience.

“no somos el problema!

Somos parte de la soluccion!

Viva La Puta Revoluccion!” we sang in the streets.

(We are not the problem! We are part of the solution! Long Live the Whore Revolution!)

I thought that studying Spanish language CDs for the last year would be helpful, but I truly am having a much harder time than I thought! haha. getting lost has been fun. asking cute Mexican Starbucks workers for directions..There is nothing I love more than a Latino who greets me with a Buenos Tardes and a sexy smile!

Here is the whole thing:

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