B’s brothel::Day 2

Today was medical clearance and business license day. I set my alarm for 8:30am because the manager said that we would be leaving early in the morning but she didn’t get me out of the house until around 12pm. I drove with Aunt D to the biggest town, which is about 40 minutes West on the I-80. This is the biggest town in the area and is where Wells folks go to Albertsons, Bank of America, Home Depot and all the corporate amenities that Wells doesn’t even offer close to. Everything was easy, cost money but was not a problem. Most importantly, I was treated with respect by every single person that I had contact with and no one flinched or looked at me any differently as Aunt D ushered me through the new girl process of being a working business woman in a brothel..

I got to talk with Aunt D for a while and get to know her which was nice. She is a spiritual person and a philospher type. “Girls come here to heal…”she tells me. She cooks meals for girls here and does a lot around the house, kind of a house mom type and has been doing this for about 15 years.

Medical Clearance consists of HIV/Ghonorhea/Chlym/and HEP A/B if they workers have never been to Elko County before. However, after reading what Amanda had written on her testing experience, I wonder if they only wanted to run a Hep test on me cuz I was ASIAN. I told the nurse that I had been vaccinated for HEP A/B but she didn’t tell me whether or not she was going to run the test anyway or not. The policy of the brothels is to let the girl work when she is waiting for her test results to come back. This means that she will have seen 3-5 guys if she is positive for any of the above diseases and the brothels and customers wouldn’t know (or care). This could read to some as a horrible red flag, but then when thinking about how non brothel sex workers work constantly without knowing their status or the status of their clients, or how workers work while positive for any of the above, it shouldn’t matter under the sex worker rights stance of social justice, right? There is a WINDOW PERIOD for everyone, mandatory testing is NOT fail proof and is actually just a form of harm reduction to be used in addition to condoms and other barriers so why should I or others trip if I am allowed to work during the waiting period? In fact, mandatory testing is VEHEMENTLY OPPOSED by many leaders in the global sex workers rights movement.

I’ve met more of the girls today, talked with a few of them, watched the daily procedures, sat and ate with some of them, learned how to do a brothel standard “dick check” with wet naps/alcohol and gloves and got a sense of what at least one girl was charging ($800/hr, $400 for a half hour) and what girls were NOT accepting ($150 for sex/bj for 30 minutes). I got a sense of their attitudes around “tricks” by listening. One super hot blonde girl walked in today. She is the hottest girl in this house so far. (besides me, of course 🙂 It was too hot to use my magic Client oil to invoke the power of the universe for prosperous clients…but upon my first bath here, probably tomorrow, I shall..

I have been in my room doing the same computer research and writing and art that I would be doing if I was in LA. There isn’t a proper desk so my back is killing me but I think I could easily keep myself busy here between line ups because management doesnt mind if you retreat into your room and do whatever you do. At Sherri’s ranch, they take your laptop and apparently you must wait in the common waiting room for 12-13 hours with the rest of the girls. (no,no,no couldn’t do that for long..) Today I posted on the nvbrothels discussion board and on Reno’s craiglist (it’s 300 miles west but hey, people are travelling, surely).

2 Responses to “B’s brothel::Day 2”

  1. 1 mizviv
    August 20, 2008 at 1:07 am

    I think you’re brave as hell, good for you. I’m too chicken, or maybe just too complacent these days, to ever consider working in a brothel in the middle of Assfuck, Nevada. If there was one closer to my town, I’d definitely check it out for a couple of weeks tho. I’ve always wanted to work in a super busy incall/space, because I love the transformation I undergo after a long day of clients, clients, clients. I feel exhausted and energized, hornier with each subsequent client, I feel rich and accomplished, deserving of a decadent treat like chocolates with raspberries or $300 shoes. It’s a high only a whore can know, I’m sure.

    I’m enjoying your blog, keep writing, and I hope you get what you went there for, Mariko.


  2. 2 peridotash
    August 20, 2008 at 6:39 am

    I just finished reading about Amanda Brooks’ ten days at Bella’s and am looking forward to seeing how you find the whole experience. Thanks for sharing this!

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