DEBATE? Or De-Biggest Dog and Pony show on TV?

Q:  Did the “debate” against Obama and McCain change your mind about which candidate you would vote for?

ME:  Yes.  Perhaps.

I listened on Pacifica radio as most callers were doing the usual making fun of the opposite party thing, saying that McCain sounded like an old man, etc.  But tonight, I was awakened to my anarchist self once again.  I had been really believing the Obama propaganda about HOPE which many many people of color activists have been lauding as subversive HOPE FOR PEOPLE OF COLOR in a white supremacy.  But, really, it ISN’T.  And we would like to read into it as such, and I really really wanted to believe in the words of his Democratic nomination speech, but tonight, if I closed my eyes, both candidates could have been white, and both candidates were equally talking about NOTHING [impressive].  Or at least nothing that made sense to the common person who didn’t live this elite politician VIP senator lifestyle and reality.  And Obama admitted it for me, so I couldn’t forget it!  “People like Senator McCain and I DON’T need tax cuts!”  A caller commented that NONE of the candidates talked about the poor, and that made me really realize that none of the candidates talked about anything related to people of color, class, immigration, LGBTQ issues…They just danced around the “moderator” whose job was basically to make sure each person had equal time not answering any specific question or debate on any issue.  Obama has in this debate and the last one insisting on taking more time to answer questions than allotted and had to be cut off by the moderator.  It’s like both of them had their talking points which was fed by their campaign managers and the so called moderator could ask “What about yellow crayons for 2009?” and they would have each answered the same canned answer about ‘clean coal technology” and “I know how to get Osama Bin Laden”   When they started to argue about strategies around Pakistan and Iraq, I almost HAD to tune out in disguist.  This is where Obama lost me, because I had idealized him as being somewhat not as militaristic as Bush and McCain, but I think that he is just as militaristic as Clinton or Kennedy and seemingly as much of an actor as Reagan.  They sounded like old boys from the same club, arguing about military strategies as if it were football.   Walk charming but carry the same stick.

I really saw tonight truly how much of a Democrat Obama is, and truly how BORED I am of Democratic values.  But I suppose it is the best we can do, they say.  Better than Bush, they say.  Better than Condoleeza.  But we’re always playing this game, and I became BORED of it as well.  The Presidential election is such a heart string pulling affair.  EVERYONE wants to believe in SOMETHING. which is personified through their someone, this candidate, who is not really capable of making the changes that he says or that we think and hope he will.

I realized that the debate is not about any policy issue, it is more a time to critique how something was last done by the other party.  This reminded me of the frustration I felt during the Bush and Kerry debates, which I watched for pure entertainment, more detached than ever because I wasn’t voting.  But I realized that Obama might not represent the hope and change that I might hope would change the system in ways that my communities desperately need.  If a Black candidate is not talking about race so that he can get in the door and just endorse this Americans with no Black-White-Asian America, just the UNITED States of America CRAP then he isn’t the right man of color for me to put as much HOPE for CHANGE because at the end of the year, it will be all the same SHIT that they’ve been feeding us, except the hand that appears to be feeding us, will be Black.  The pendulum between the two dysfunctional and equally corrupt parties swings slightly back and forth for show and American’s sit captive and waiting,hoping that that if the ROCK THE VOTE it will bring a REVOLUTION.

I think that Sarah Palin is totally scary, don’t get me wrong,but at least her tagline about being a hockey mom and always talking about her family makes her seem REAL and accountable to at least something bigger than herself.  Many of us might have been hoping that Obama denouncing his Reverend Wright was just a Martin Luther King style strategy of seeming to work with the system, but actually perhaps he is SERIOUS.  He really doesn’t agree with anything the Reverend was talking about.  I have been hearing about HIP HOP FOR OBAMA campaigns, but honestly I don’t think that Obama is down with the HIP HOP culture OR community!  When I hear him talk about the middle class, I KNOW that that doesn’t EVEN include ME!  Middle class to these guys is someone who makes $60-80,000 a year!   At least Bill Clinton played the saxaphone when he was running for president to try to appeal to the college aged voters!  Obama nor McCain are making NO effort to appeal to youth, to people of color.  They have projected hope into him and we have sculpted Obama into the icon that we would like to see..Our personal Mao or Che button on our backpacks.

WHAT ABOUT THOSE OF US WHO DON’T or CAN’T EVEN OWN HOMES whether they are being foreclosed or not?!  Where is OUR BAILOUT?  They want to argue about tax cuts for the wealthy when both of them just signed this dirty bill in which BOTH OF THEM KNOW THAT THEY benefit financially from!  What about a FUEL incentive given to all of us who drive under the repressive binds of the OIL WAR?  None of them are talking about that?  How about just a damn gas card so we can have a bit of a break as we go to our lower than middle class jobs and stimulate the economy by buying $3.50-$4.20/gallon gas to commute there?  I didn’t follow Hillary’s campaign because she was not the WOMAN that would support me or my community, so I will just hold out my excitement for a better woman.  But, honestly, I don’t think this presidential election system that they have parading in front of us every 4 years is anything less than a Dog and Pony Show.

Lee something taught Karl Rove taught the Republicans to create FEAR and SMEAR campaigns, and the Democrats seem to always be focusing on hating Bush and his policies, and trying to be the campaign of HOPE and positive vibes.  Hope is better than fear, for me, but I am NOT fooled by the simple minded dichotomy that I am convinced the same power brokers have created to make us believe than any less than the same hegemony will be elected in elections to come.

I fear that the election will be STOLEN again, and that Obama will be more of an insult to injury for ALL marginalized people even more of a red herring than JOHN KERRY was.  Ha!  Did you think that WE, the POWERS that have been, would REALLY let a Black Man in the WHITE house?  As of tonight, I feel like doing what I did in 2000.  VOTE NADER?  Oh, let me guess, that would be a  vote for McCain,right? Well, I haven’t participated in this dog and pony show in almost ten years.  Anarchy is not a popular political party as it symbolizes APATHY, but no it isn’t.  I WANT TO BELIEVE IN THE HOPE THAT THE MESSAGE OF THIS MUSIC VIDEO but I am suddenly struck with the fact that it might all just be a bigger lie than we have yet to see..  I WANT to believe in the country that I was born and that Iive in, but I feel that there has been too much destruction, lies and struggle to its very OWN PEOPLE to redeem itself out of the trauma it has created unless the leader who is elected takes the first step to ACKNOWLEGE EXACTLY OR AT LEAST TOUCH ON, OKAY SOME OF WHAT THAT IS!  (And just merely blaming Bush and the last 8 years is NOT ENOUGH!!)

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