Miami Harm Reduction

I’ve almost been in Miami a week now.  The Harm Reduction conference was last thursday-Sunday in downtown Miami.  There was lots of amazing community building between drug users, needle exchanges, HIV prevention groups, sex workers and more..And the usual debauchery and meeting of activist/friends from all over the U.S as well.

I have stayed on to relax and enjoy the city, but also to work here.  Business is very scarce.  The phone barely rings.  I have NOT even paid for my visiting ad.  That is really sad.  The ONE guy I did get I picked up at a bar that has a rainbow flag outside of it, go figure!  This club seems to have a good mix of gay, bi and transgenders hanging out and flirting with each other.  It’s RARE to see all of the orientations dancing together unless it’s Gay Pride.  Even in SF and LA, transgenders prefer to have their own clubs.

My guy was bisexual, staying at the same hotel as me, but was a bit misogynistic and rude.  Pretty low paying as well.  But, truly since I am here dependent on this work, I see it as survival sex. I have tried to work the bars here, and have been extremely bold while soliciting guys that I think might be interested.  So far, I have not had any luck doing that either!  It is quite humbling.  There are LOTS OF WORKING GIRLS ON THE STREETS HERE.  It reminds of Waikiki in the 90s!  A limo driver told me that half of them are cops.  But I think that most of them are real working girls.  I see pimps out here with them too, so I know they are real.

Placing an ad on the internet as an independent, trying to work the streets and clubs of South Beach (low asking prices and high arrest risk) has yielded nothing.  Happy hour at my hotel with the wanna be hipster types–nothing.  Makes me grateful for the first asshole that came along, which I shouldn’t be.  But, if he didn’t come along, I would be unable to eat in the morning.  Since my “personal bailout” from credit card debt, I’ve also had to pay everything in cash.  the last time I was here I worked for an agency and rented a car.  But still, I don’t think I made that much money either.  The most I made was because I got a date hooked up by a stripper that I met through a lover here.  A job for 3 girls in a high rise tower of million dollar condos.  She was fucking gorgeous.  Smashing the ‘Black Girls don’t Make Money in This Business’ stereotype right through the fucking roof.  She was another hot bisexual stripper that teased me to death with no intention of being my girlfriend or having sex with me for that matter for her own amusement…

speaking of lovers…I managed to snag a 20 year old French boy from the service industry while happy houring at this hotel.  He was fun and cute.  He wasn’t really my first choice from all of the beautiful service professionals that I have flirted with while here in Miami…but he did well.  I didn’t make money off of him. But it was a very anonymous type of encounter, which might have well been sex work.

I’m glad that I have barely enough money to last another 1.5 days here.  Things would all change if I just got ONE appointment.  I HATE living on the edge like this.  This is the reason I work for agencies.  Everyone who says to me, “why don’t you just work on your own??” well, this is why.  Because when I work alone, I STARVE and turn into a DESPERATE whore.  And no one likes a desperate whore.

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  1. November 21, 2008 at 9:52 am

    I have also heard that Florida is a tough place to work. So many peoplecome out to Vegas from Miami or other parts of the state and are completely cheap since it’s that way back home. So many shows I have seen about the street walkers down there.. I’m not surprised. Best of luck to ya!

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