Sugar Daddy Set Me Free..

was the first song I stripped to at the Gold Club in San Francisco circa 1998.  It had a mainstream club techno bass line and a catchy female electro diva.

Sitting atop the mountain top pizza joint at Vail Ski Resort where the a horrible cup of hot chocolate runs me $4 and a $2 cheese pizza slice I would find on any downtown streetfront store runs me $7.50!  I paid $26 to have a soup, salad and LifeWater at a different eatery.  I am reminded where I come from when I cringe over prices here.  Apparently the wealthy are supposed to be hurting the most during this economic crisis, but they are still skiing at Vail for $95 a day ticket, and I on my Pretty Woman scholarship am for the first time boarding right beside them.  Pink goggles, pink zapatista snowboard chica barrelling down the white blizzard atop the mountains of Colorado…Another amazing life experience and location that I have adventured to.

This work never ceases to be full of opportunities for such adventures.  One opportunity never fails to outdo the last one, the limits are endless.  the types of exchanges that you can have are limitless.  Some are sexual, some are spiritual, some are pathetic, artistic, fake, real, shallow, deep…the list goes on.

I have been with this client almost every day (less 3 hours or so of free time each day), treated better than I have every been treated (monetarily) by anyone in my life for an extended period of time.   I mean, I’ve made a slave shop for his princess at Target, but what I have done with this man is 5 times that.  I am reminded again where I, and most of my clients come from.

We aren’t crying about losing our houses, becuase we never owned any.  We aren’t crying about having to cut down, because our life has been ful of cut backs. I can’t imagine the job market being any worse than it was when I was substitute teaching and doing  whatever shitty odd jobs that weren’t sex work, just to get OUT of sex work, which is going to skyrocket my next career move and change the way I do sex work…very soon.

Everything is going to fine.  Eveyrthing is going to be more than fine.   I am going to go home and call my singing teacher and start practicing with a pianist so I can get my weekly jazz gig going, so I can sing with a band (all things that were on hold because of lack on $$)  and invite my family, so I can start burning DVDs with my new laptop and send it out to get gigs as a singer on college campuses and clubs.  Everything is going to start happening.  2009 is Mariko Passion’s year to shine…and I have the trust and belief that this client is not a short term trick, but a devoted sponsor of at least some of my dreams.  He calls himself a collaborator.  It was exactly what I needed all my hustling life…Not a savior, a convertor, a husband figure, or even a father figure.  In fact, I think I am more of a guidance to him right now than vice versa emotionally at least.   I am like a sensual life coach.  An understanding and affectionate (temporary) partner that listens, cares, critiques and offers suggestions without all the baggage, complaints and reality of a real relationship.  When he thanks me for being so attentive, I am real with him always and quick to remind him that it is because he is treating me well, and that he has in essence, paid for me to be so attentive and if I weren’t could he please let me know.  He is privvy to more attention than my own real boyfriend, whom I have left in CA to go on this trip.  (He fluctuates from being okay with it to jealous in a 24 hour period, but I know that when I get home we will be in love again..)

Exactly one month ago, my dad and I are watching a documentary special that he had recorded for me on high dollar VIP escorts ala Kristin of Governor Spitzer fame.  I can’t help but feel jealous of their $2000/hr price tags as that same night I am turning down guy after guy who only wants to pay $125 for the hour.  Upon arriving back to LA, as always, things start to look up…and I am able to make regular rates again.

When I watched that documentary, of course, I wondered why I was stuck being a Craigslist agency hooker while my friends were making VIP rates.  Was it the tattoos?  my weight?  my frankness? becase I am queer (ish?)

One thing we all agree upon, is that at this high dollar level..it is SELDOM about the sex, but the entire package and the holistic experience of your companionship that yields the big rewards in a busy CEO type man’s life.  They need love, attention and companionship in their lonely hotel rooms as they are on the road all year more than ever.

I am this man’s life coach, his counselor, advisor, and lover.  And it requires patience and the same “authentic caring” that I did as a high school teacher.  Tonight I gave him an assignment: Write yourself a letter and write your wife a letter.  I am even proud of the progress I am making as a courtesan!

Like a prayer that I never really consciously did was asked for…

(Except for the ad on sugardaddy.com that I cancelled because it didn’t get any responses..)

While I watched that MSNBC special, looking at he talking heads of everyone in my sex worker community that I knew (Amanda Brooks, Scarlot Harlot, Veronica Monet…) I proudly told my dad that I knew every single one of the women interveiwed personally.  Why aren’t you making more money in this business they would ask me? and I would ask myself the same fucking question…but I only did that when I compared myself to them.

I have been looking for someone who really and truly understands what I am trying to do with my music, art and activism career and who has the finnancial means to sponsor some of my success in projects (that I have autonomy on).  Someone who is not trying to marry me, to rescue me and get me out of prostitution, but who can at least be open to understanding why sex work is such an integral and vital part of my livelihood, creativity and healing.

…someone who will be able to help me with the legal costs of fighting for my rights and for the rights of other sex workers.

perhaps i have finally found that person.

and to boot, I get plenty of alone time, my own hotel room, a new MacBook Pro laptop, to WANT for NOTHING, gourmet fine dining at every meal, and the list goes ON, believe me …I just don’t want to expound so as not to get us in trouble.  But let’s just say this is a partial list.

Sex work can be sooo amazing sometimes.  I think this is why I keep doing it.  He is my first VIP client of this caliber.  Most of the men that blow lots of money on me are doing it because they are blowing their brains out on blow all night long, and it’s usually a one off night stand.  This client is paying me big money and he is not fucked up?!  That is a first..BUT, they all need the same thing: companionship, love, attention, healing, listening, patience…orgasm.  Perhaps I can hypotesize that as the rate of the escort goes DOWN then the list of desires flips around putting orgasm first.  Paying the least, risking the most, putting up with the most SHIT.  I took the week off to go to Vail and Boulder, and my agency is already calling me work thinking i am already back. I don’t even want to work the week I get back..I have one couples date when I get back to LA (hot 47 yr old Blonde boob job MILFs!) who are going to Vail to ski next month.  This means,they can afford the $26 salads…

I don’t want to work for a while, but the last time I made a chunk of money I took a one month sebatacle.  When I tried to go back to work, there was no work to be had and I slowly slipped back into debt and brokeness by month #2.  It was the worst business move ever.  But my reward SHOULD be a break from the hustle…I am going to work on music this week and I am sooo excited.

1 Response to “Sugar Daddy Set Me Free..”

  1. 1 auletrides
    January 25, 2009 at 11:54 pm

    congrats on finding an awesome client!
    “Why aren’t you making more money in this business they would ask me? and I would ask myself the same fucking question…but I only did that when I compared myself to them.”
    I have this same quandry all the time. It seems like so many people who are visible as sex workers, or who write about it are in the “VIP” market. How the hell do they get there?! I always wonder. I try to remember that it’s not necessarily easy or rewarding work all of the time, and that comparison to other sex workers never goes anywhere positive. But it’s still frustrating.

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