(sung) ..I left my *patience*.. escorting in San Francisco!!!!!!!

I hate how I had to leave the city I grew up in and around because #1RENT IS TOO HIGH HERE (and so are home prices) #2 I DO NOT fucking make money doing much here, let alone even SEX WORK!  While I was working on PROP K in November, I had to travel BACK to Los Angeles just so I could slam some agency shifts in to make up for weeks of no income.   I get a bunch LOSERS who will barely pay $250 for the hour, and Craigslist is just full of cheap ass losers who call all day long asking for “quickies” or half hour specials.  And then when I say I offer massages for $150 for an HOUR, they DON’T even want that.  Why? Because they want YOU to compromise, but they REFUSE to do the same.  Humph.  I think this is why I don’t feel GUILTY when I hustle men so hard when I do all night agency shifts.  Because if you don’t do it to them FIRST they will try to do it to you.  Well, this is the SOME OF THEM.  And I swear, they are all in fucking San Francisco, my home town.

I usually do an incall here.  Or at least i TRY MY DAMN HARDEST TOO.  But so far, I barely break even.  EVEN WITH the help of another agency that I get calls from while I am visiting here.  WHAT is the secret?  Will some local whore PLEASE fucking tell me the SECRET TO SUVIVAL in prositution here in the 415??  I mean, if rents and mortgages are so high here then where are all the motherfuckers who can pay decent escort  rates AT??  In Southern California, it seems that men (and women) of all incomes from wealthy to practically homeless or squatting will call you from Craigslist from the CEOs in the Valley to the up all night crackheads in Hollywood.  (who might be the same CEOs).

Tonight was the second time I screened some out and away before meeting them at my incall.  I really didn’t want him to come in after he wouldn’t follow directions when I asked nicely.  And then when I made concessions to some of his paranoia, he still wasn’t cooperative.  He actually thought he was being set up, he said and let the phone slip off the hook.  I wasn’t worried at all.  Relieved.  So this is how you screen out weirdos off of Craigslist incalls.  Ask the right questions.  Feel them out.  Female Supremacy is KEY.  I must be in control in every other way besides physical strength during the entirity of the session, from inquiry phone call to the end.  

Screening question #1: What do they do for a living?  

This is the most important.  Straight answers, no lies.  Make them talk about it as a form of verification.  And then ask to see some proof.  They have to be willing to be somewhat flexible.  If you are coming into my [temporary] HOME then I must know that you aren’t a fucking FREAK that I have to call security to get evicted from my room.   That, or a cop would be BAD BAD NEWS.  I thought of how my laptop, my purse, basically everything that you try to hide from cops when trying to be DL about breaking the law.  It traumatizes me to imagine the vulnerability of the cops raiding your incall, as opposed to arresting you on an outcall.  But, it wouldn’t be the end of the world, and I would survive it, just like I survived my arrest, the night in jail, the week in the brothel, getting robbed, etc, etc etc.

I am very fortunate to have found a very generous client who will not allow me to drown…I wonder, in this recession why he has chosen me?  But then, I know by experience that MANY, MANY people are STILL spending money even in these “tough” times.  I’m really starting to wonder if I’ve already been accustomed to what most people in America might call poor.   I hate sitting in empty hotel rooms waiting for the phone to ring.  This is what it felt like in Miami.  It is really hard to feel real feelings in this business because when people say that you are sooo amazing and they are so in love with you and you are sooo beautiful, the next week you’re sitting there BROKE ass rejected and dejected.

I know it isn’t that standard of beauty shit that gets me in LA.  Here in San Francisco, on the hobbyist advertising board redbook, I have posted and come up empty.  Among others…It JUST ISNT meant to be.  People ask me why I will never move back here.  The answer is, I CAN’T.  Unless I get a job offer in the non sex work world that will pay my rent/mortgage for a good year it just isn’t possible.  Is survival without sex work even possible?   I doubt it.  Not if I want to be a singer.   Maybe if I wanted to be a teacher.  but not trying to be a singer at 32.  I cannot see my life without sex work yet.  This is not part of that choice thing that everyone says that i have.  But, I don’t mind a few more years.  I’ve been doing it far longer than I worked at stripclub.  It is more independent and flexible.  It is worlds better and far more tolerable.  The adverture potential is greater.    A fellow escort/sex worker activist I know feels the SAME way about LA that I do about SF.  I also just heard that she can’t make a penny here in SF either.  But, sigh, I only really make money in LA…and Hawaii…don’t know what it is about certain markets.  LA is successful perhaps because of sheer volume.  It is a HUGE city of 10 millions people which makes it more than 10 times the size of San Francisco.  And I drive up and around the entirity of the outskirts during my shifts of work, all the way up to Malibu and all the way down to Anaheim.  Not usually on the same night, but in a busy shift, I could drive up to 150 miles.  The agency works and preys on that volume factor.  There’s an endless amount of guys to rip off, they reason.  They don’t need to have customer service, honesty or integrity because there is an endless amount of supply and demand.  And it’s true.  The agencies business doesn’t really seem to be that affected by the economy.

It is different for everyone.  everywhere.  It just sucks whenever it doesn’t work when you really need it to work, which because of the nature of sex work being work is usually always.

1 Response to “(sung) ..I left my *patience*.. escorting in San Francisco!!!!!!!”

  1. 1 peridotash
    March 5, 2009 at 8:12 pm

    Wow, this post speaks to me right now. I’m in San Francisco with two separate ads for BDSM and escorting online, and you are correct: This is a very tough market and I blame the rise of review websites. The Bay Area has led the way in this regard and I think what is happening here now is only going to spread (the way Eros Guide ads have spread beyond the Bay Area to nationwide and the UK and Canada), so if you’re enjoying the benefits of online advertising outside the Bay Area, enjoy it while it lasts before your local message board becomes too powerful.

    I first went independent here in 2000 with an online ad. At the time the local escort review site (myredbook.com) didn’t carry classifieds and Erosguide.com had no more than 150 advertisers for the entire Bay Area. I did quite well and quit when I got a regular job again. I have come back for short periods during the last few years and notice that it just keeps getting tougher and tougher. People have gotten wise about the Internet and not only are the local websites flooded with ads now, but myredbook.com has become *the* source for johns (“hobbyists”) to find “providers” because the site is used as a tool to pressure the market down to low rates and high-risk activities (every other guy who contacts me nowadays wants to lick my ass and cunt before swirling his tongue around in my mouth, and wants a blow job with no condom, for $200 an hour or less). I *could* work more but under those conditions, no way! So because I screen out about 80% of the jerks who contact me, I’m only making just enough to survive right now while I finish up a career program I started a few months ago. I feel VERY sorry for the people who are taking chances in this market right now because they need the money. Here’s a random thread from a local escort message board about this: http://www.mypinkbook.com/dcforum2/gtalk/4722.html

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