****BODY Wraps and BEAUTY Standards***

Working with couples has brought me great pleasure, adventure and joy, but I do find whenever there are women in the mix, that in initial phases, they can be wayy pickier than the average man when it comes to choosing a paid encounter.  This email indicates that the man is the one who has this Barbie beauty standard that I don’t have..I am not even sure if this is the same woman who emailed me and when I said to her, I’m not skinny and I’m not fat (although I call myself fat, it’s never good to admit that to anyone your trying to sell yourself to, especially another woman.) “..Hey miss, I am looking for an asian or latina female for a mwm get together for this weekend or sometime next week.  Yes I am serious.  The higher compensation is what is available. If you’re intersted let me know whats up.  I dont like to play back and forth.  You and I woud have to meet and greet first so we at least get along and then just go for the mwm.  The evening with him includes dinner, drinks, whatever and a bit of fun and go home 500 times happier.

I’m 32, bisexual, 5ft6, 125lbs, slender and open.  He is a white male and pretty much interested in someone that is in shape and slender like myself and open to being with women and experienced.  I have had threesomes before, so it’s not an issue.  I had someone lined up, but at 5ft3, 140 lbs, w/o ever meeting her, he said “no, she’s not slender enough.”   ((OMG-Fuck this guy))

It’s late night so I didnt call you.  Hope to hear from you soon. J

Well J, I didn’t write you back because I don’t qualify for you and your man’s beauty standards.  In fact, I think I may have weighed 125lbs in high school last, and perhaps at my best stripper body shape I might have complained that I was fat at 128lbs.  Times have SURE changed since my early twenties!  According to you guys,  I am wayyy heavier than I was when I was 22 (17lbs?) , 10 years older, and even more bothered every year because the weight does NOT want to come off, even if I exercise more at the gym!  I am convinced that I have fat on my body from the 90s that just WON’T come off not matter what!!  And I am not even 5’3!   Over a year ago, I got on the pill and gained 10 LBS on my ass and hips and have NOT been able to lose that extra hormone weight.  Before I gained that extra weight, people would STILL always ask me if I was pregnant…If you feel like having a great time with a sexy curvy bisexual that is experienced and fun hit me up.  If you wanna stay caught up in the land of beauty standards, I might not be the one for you…

I have come to somewhat accept that I have the shape of body like Aprodite in the DaVinci (?) painting.

aphrodite tummy

aphrodite tummy

I have a curvy body, a tummy, and a BIG ASS!  LIke Beyonce..with a tummy…  But I like my body MOST OF THE TIME.  But yeah, emails like yours and countless guys who also ask if I’m pregnant, or who try to make comments about my weight when they don’t get what they want or expect out of me does take their toll on me.. You would think that most guys could give a shit about what women really look like when it comes to getting laid.  (don’t they just want a hole?) But actually a good amount of guys look at me and turn me away based on the fact that who was advertised to them was this beauty standard image of some NON ASIAN model that they thought would be me when they opened the door.  So the best they can come up with sometimes muttering from their grimace,”Who ARE You??? ARe you pregnant??” It sucks.  But hey.  You win some OR you lose some.  But, the good part is, when you WIN, you make money.  When you lose, your ego is bruised and you feel like you need to find a diet or weight loss remedy and your self esteem goes down.  In the game that plays on people images, fantasies and illusions, you have to learn to get used to it.  I used to feel more resilient, but I have to say my I don’t give a fuck attitude around the way I look has faded with the immediate need of doing as much to present sexy in the way that will make the MOST money.


mummified for beauty

mummified for beauty

I have been curious about mineral body wraps which advertise that you can “lose 6-10 inches in the first wrap!  Notice the difference immediately!” I didn’t believe the hype, but I wanted to try something that was that good to be true and didn’t involve any surgical commitments or high doses of chemicals or drugs to lose the weight.  Finally, I got to try one, and it has been the best thing that has happened to me since, discovering the g spot! You get wrapped in ace bandages from head to toe and have bags to catch the toxins on your hands and feet for over an hour.  You are basted, like a turkey with minerals while you do light exercises (which are hard while mummified) to keep the cells moving.  The cells shrink and the toxins are squeezed out of the skin and organs causing permanent inch loss and detox which is not detrminental to the health, but actually a good thing!  You can do up to 4 wraps in ONE DAY!  You can wrap yourself into oblivion!  You can go down a dress size in 10 wraps!  The great news is that I DID really notice  a difference, and for someone like me who has been holding my cupcake in the mirror for tooo long, it was a godsend!  It was almost as good as gaining 5 inches of height when I started wearing stilettos as a stripper.  With the body wraps, I feel like i have a solution to some of the pressures that I have been getting from clients in escorting (especially with bait and switch agency escorting client), and that I WILL inevitably get from the music and entertainment industry in Hollywood as I start to seriously pursue the M.Passion image.. Body wraps are about $125 each, but WELL WORTH IT!!  The next time I have extra money, I am definitely doing another one.  I LOVE the way I look, even though the difference is slight to others, it is a magical diffference to me becuase I have been trying to lose the inches by diet and exercise and had been tragically unsuccessful!  And now….I feel as if…a new range of possibilities exist for the first time in a long time in my life…Around my stomach, is like a “power pak” of minerals which helped me lose 2 INCHES in that area alone.  I think that because there had always been a rise in that area of my stomach, it made me look pregant whether I was weighing 138 or 148lbs! But now, I feel as if I could continue to sculpt it so that it matches the very active lifestyle I have and the body I deserve…and the 125lb BEYOTCH from the earlier email can FUCK ME…never.  (((No, I don’t have issues around my body!!))))

3 Responses to “****BODY Wraps and BEAUTY Standards***”

  1. 1 auletrides
    February 21, 2009 at 4:18 pm

    I hate internet escorting for just that reason- clients get to be so picky. It’s like going on ebay to look for, say, a typewriter, versus going into a store for one. If you go to the store, you’re going to pick up what’s there. Whereas online, there’s this huge variety to choose from. But in the end, a typewriter’s a typewriter, and a lady’s a lady. When they start going on about specifics of how skinny/busty/whatever they “need to make sure” I am, I just give up. It’s so not worth the time.
    I’m also in the “curvy” category (38C turns into 36D, 175 has turned into 160, then to 140, then 130, and I still haven’t been called out for lying by a client…just goes to show), but haven’t heard the pregnant comment yet. Do you think that’s related to the popular image of female asian sex workers?

    • February 23, 2009 at 2:59 am

      Of course I LIE. I think every escort does. We sell fantasies and most of the time, at the end of the day, it is your personality and total package that will sell a client on you, not just your body. Asian sex workers are usually 90-115lbs at my height. I definitely think I am the product of American food and chemicals. I don’t think anyone in Japan or China has a body like mine. Most of the time you just pull the wool over their eyes, and there really is something for everyone so I just avoid the discussion of any concrete details about my appearance until they see me. I firmly believe that they should be happy with what they have when a good sex worker walks through their door because anyone who shows up deserves at least that, even if you thought Jenna Jameson was showing up.

      Just today, I was turned down by some Indian businessman who wants someone blonde, someone thinner than me. Sigh. Asians wanting whites and Whites wanting Asians…Beauty standards to thank there too.

  2. 3 Fiqah
    March 9, 2009 at 4:23 am

    What an awesome post. Body issues are a mother. Damned shame-bound hegemony. If I didn’t have a tummy, where the hell would my breasts go when I take my bra off? ;o) Anyway, I think you’re delightfully-curvy. Keep it where it is, gurl, and more power to you.

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