as if it could get no worse for me…


ahh...as if things weren't already going badly this week

ahh...as if things weren't already going badly this week

Well yesterday was another day of “wasteful” activism…I was at a transgender drop in group on one side of Hollywood trying to recruit people for my harm reduction study and we’re driving girls from one end of town to the other and during one of my left turns I hear a CRASH! and ouch, the seatbelt.  But not toooo bad even though my car is totally not drivable and it was scary…My passenger was NOT hurt.  Thank God!  I would have felt sooo guilty if I offered someone a ride and they got killed or hurt because they decided to go with me.  The guy who crashed into me was pretty irrate and he was trying to argue with me.  I’ve been in too many car accidents in my life that were both my fault and not my fault so I know that it doesn’t really solve anything if the people argue.  I pretty much ignored him most of the time.  10 transgender girls rushed to the roadside to see if I was okay!  That was like a scene out of some musical!  I went on to facilitate the Trans-Education event at the Village, an hour late…I am applying for jobs and stuff.  but I am actually depressed and scared about trying at a time like this.  But don’t fret everyone.  I am able to walk away, like Evil Keneivel, WITHOUT medical insurance, completely unharmed from yet another car accident.  Hallelujiah.  The insurance rates once this accident gets added up (which they believe is at least 50% my fault, dammit) are a stressful issue.  i may have to move to Manhattan where I don’t need a car because my rates will be simply unaffordable.

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