Bisexual Twins and Gay Triplets: O my!


guilty pleasures

guilty pleasures

Okay, an ASIAN bisexual was not enough of a fetish for the reality watching audience…So HOW ON EARTH could they TOP THAT??  My latest guilty pleasure is catching glimpses of the bisexual Ikki Twins and their double shot at love show.  I started getting into the show because Tila Tequila stole my schtick and made herself famous doing it but I wasn’t hating so I’d try to watch it…I started to really get into SOME aspects of it.  

1.  seeing ROMANTIC portrayals of bisexuality on mainstream TV

2.  seeing another Asian hottie besides Lucy Liu who wasn’t a porn star on TV

3.  seeing REAL queer women talk about QUEER “love” (attraction).

4.  somewhat validating bisexuality as queer by having real dykes alongside lipstick femmes in chocolate sauce licking competititons

The Ikki twin show is kind of a bit much for me though, because yes, they are really bisexual and they are not exactly identical twins and one is better looking than the other, but because they’re a little too cheesy and sorority fluff for me to be attracted.  They’re also too Maxim/Stuff cliche for me too.  and they remind me of annoying strippers that I would stay away from if they worked with me, but some of the girls that are vying for the “love” of the twins or Tila Tequila have been pretty hot.  

The idea of dating the same person as your twin at the same time is freaky to me.  I come from a family that barely can bathe naked in front of each other.  My sisters and mom wouldn’t even go to a clothing optional hot spring in the mountains cuz it was too much for them to handle.  How could you have sex or make out sessions side by side with your family members is a little weird, but hey maybe my family’s a little conservative…

They make me ill and force me to change the channel when they started choking up about falling in love with someone they’ve been on two 2.5 hour dates with,”I just can’t get through to him…sob sob, I’m really starting to FALL for him…”Ikki 1 says to Ikki 2..

This is the same thing that would make me change the channel on Tila..or Paula Abdul for that matter when she’s sobbing because she has to cut the latest overly loungey American idol wanna be..

sorry but, I guess the MAN in me, won’t alllow these bitches to get to me!  (I’m so tough, I know..)

Recently, I”ve been mentoring and hanging out with a wonderful MTF transgender sex worker who used to a shemale porn star with 27 movies to her credit!  She is very stunning, passable, tropical, sensual and functional, which for those of you who aren’t in tranny sex worker know world-means that she can and will fuck you with her dick if you are so lucky..

This is a combination that I’ve been very attracted to, being bisexual, it seem only natural to be into something that’s fake boob job and pretty face on top and not a strap on but a real hard flesh pounding functional cock!  Unfortunately, most of the trannies that I am into, are sex workers and are usually heterosexually identified and only love dick.  And then there is some inner phobia between transwomen and genetic women that I haven’t put my finger on or in just yet, but that I’ve been noticing.. Layna messes with my head and teases me the way all hot femme divas know how to, but I try to not have any sexual feelings towards her, as she is like a co-worker and I know she is just doing it to amuse herself.  She also treats me like her submissive (which looks like treating me like a client) a lot and that is something that I can’t deal with very well, being a domme and actually more of a top femme  or “guy” identified (which doesn’t neccesarily ential dominance, but w/e) when it comes to girl/girl relationships.  Even more complicated that she is a tranny..but oh well.

We shared a hotel room traveling once and bought the pay per view porn starring the VISCONTI TRIPLETS!  visconti-tripletsI like the one on the right, he looks the youngest.  I realized while watching them in action that they appeared bisexual and not gay.  But I wasn’t really sure how I could tell that.  I know that I have gay dar and can 99% effectively spot gay, lesbian and transgendered people in rooms.  I think that they’re bi.  I can’t prove it cuz they’re all in the scenes pounding other guys upside down in fancy Swiss mansions and stuff, but I just have this feeling.. I realize that I must NOT be the gay man on the inside that I thought that I was because I didn’t find myself getting “an erection..” while watching them.  I was fascinated and could appreciate their good looks, but I’m overall not as physically attracted to men as I am to women.  I hate male strippers and I have never craned my neck to look at a man’s chest in the way that I have with a woman’s.  However, I am cursed with appearing straight and being the center of gravity for most straight males.  Which leads me to the path of sex work as a 10 year career path..but i digress.  I felt the way a straight non homophobic man would feel watching them I guess.  Perhaps that’s the inner me.  Because I am in a hot puddle when watching all girl porn.  Triplet girls would probably still gross me out though.  So does any squirting exploitation videos (squirting gangbangs…bleah!)  You just shouldn’t have sex side by side with your family members.  I’m sorry.  Call me conservative.  They’re can’t leave the set and be like,”Oh, I was just acting..or That was all fake..” 

I just did an *amazing* couple date.  A quick one hour in a motel with a Mexican guy and a El Salvadorean chica…ayayayaya.  it was fabulous.  I specialize in couples and have been seeing one a month for the last year and it’s been such a great move for everything, my sexuality, my career.  Most of the women have been amazing, good looking, 30-40 years old and assertive and all.  Most, even the crack smoking older folks, are even fulfilling!  (Hey, they were happy during and after, who cares if they do crack and get freaky?)  when everyone in sex work is happy, it’s great.  Through my work as a professional bisexual, I have seriously had more play with women than any dumb girl party or club that I tried to get laid at..

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