Trying to Be Hopeful for my 33rd Birthday..

Since I am not on this site so I can get clients for escort work, I don’t really need to lie to you about my real age..I’m a 22 year old college student.. 129 lbs…blahblahblah


I’m turning 33 this week.  Gemini Love.  Trying to have a positive outlook on another year, where I seem remarkably in the same place as I was last year..broke as hell..looking for a door to open…I can’t believe I am revisiting a place that I thought I left so many times before…It’s disappointing to me, but I’ll try not to be so hard on myself..All 5 of my loving nieces and nephews will be in one house this weekend and I am driving up before my license expires to pay my bail and renew my drivers liense just in the nick of time and take part in the sex worker fest and hopefully be reinvigorated by the whoretastic energy that the summer events usually bring…

Someone buy me a Hello Kitty Fender Guitar!!  That’s what I really really want for my birthday so I can ROCK OUT AT WHORE-A PALOOZA!!  (A music and performance show I put together for the sex worker fest in San Francisco..at El Rio club June 2nd).

this would be my birthday present to myself...

this would be my birthday present to myself...

by Llednor Nadirehs 2009

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