I know you’ve been missing my heart felt..

sacrificial lamb crying in the night blogging…I left it for the short documentary video that I produced with my partner which talked about the joys of public health care, STDs and our relationship.  It was in Sadie Lune’s curatorial creation for the 12th annual San Francisco Queer Arts Festival How timely of a campaign when it all seems to be on Obama’s mind as well.  funny how we are all connected (by Facebook).  I’ve been really trying to get on top of this online marketing bandwagon.  I’ve gotten savvy to Facebook, twitter (in 3 different personas) and it’s added an even deeper incision into the mainline of internet addiction that I have had for the last ten years.   I did a background singing gig for this neo soul singer on the 4th of July to boot.  I’m not sure if it is internet or computer addiction.  It started when I started doing paid freelance photography and graphic design jobs in San Francisco.  I became accustomed to a life of either sitting for 12 hours at a time in front of a computer screen or drinking 2 cans of Dr.Pepper and doing 7 hours of hustling and lap dancing for $500.  My life is somewhat still similar except that instead of the monotonous “Hi, do you want to dance?” I have to do the fun grueling early morning/late night drag through the “game” world.

I get woken up at 6:30am by my agency.  This is the only agency I work for now.  They are a national VIP level bait and switch, which is different from the local Craigslist bait and switch work that I was doing before…I wanted the bullshit and drama to be fewer and far between, I guess.  With this agency, I’ve gotten Malibu suites and mimosa clients who have left me thousands of dollars without spending time with me..through an agency placed Craigslist ad, I found a 3 month long sugar daddy..

I ‘ve quit the bread and butter of my livelihood, which was essentially like living the life of a cowgirl in a wild goose chase 3 nights a week.  I’ve tried to be strong with staying out of that work, in an effort to replace that income I’ve started to do phone sex and domination again, as well as break my webcam cherry!  this is the reason why I’ve been doing so much internet marketing you see..

Phone and webcam girl life has got a learning curve to it.  Niteflirt is the leader in “start your own” style phone sex operations, which I’m actually on, but they’ve lagged in making me an affiliate so, I highly recommend “Sugar Talk” as a better site, because if you click on the link, and sign up to be a phone operator with them I’ll get $45!  And the same can happen to you if you join!  This service also boasts a lifetime residual plan which is pretty unique for the adult industry.  Niteflirt takes 50% of your call rate and also CHARGES YOU to BID FOR PLACEMENT on their website.  It’s a bunch of crap really, but the more money you spend the higher placement you are in their roster of 1000s of women home alone…Just different ways to PIMP you.   But what can a working girl do?  Sometime in life, you just need to have a pimp of some kind.  I already knew this, so it isn’t much of a shocker to me.  Sugar talk calls their affiliate program Pimp Dollar!  But at least it’s an accurate portrayal of Pimp.  I don’t have a problem with some pimping.  Especially when I’m doing it.

I did my first webcam show, it was awkward.  My boyfriend keeps coming home to me dressed in lingerie in front of my computer holding a dildo and watching internet porn (which is not usually how I used to hang out while blogging for instance).  He’s seen me unplug my laptop, disappear into the bedroom for 10 minutes and then come right back and plug back in to continue my work.  The crazy life of a work at home professional masturbator!

Some guy wants me to sneeze while I call him and another guy totally educated me on being “chemically castrated” using Depo Provera, a chemical which when given to biological men renders them impotent and uninterested in having sex.  The court can order it for chronic public masturbators, child molestors and rapists.  This man told me he was a chronic masturbator and had been arrested 5 times, but since doing a regular shot of Depo every 3 months for the last 10 years, he’s been completely asexual but content..(aside from the fact that he needed to confess that to someone like me for money occaisionally).  It was the most fascinating conversation I had had yet, and one that would be unlikely in a live escort situation..

My most recent story was yesterday morning, waking up at 6:30am, driving 40 minutes to Orange County to this deliciously innocent and cute looking hapa (half Asian) crack smoking hustler.  But he didn’t look life a crack head OR a hustler.  His words, I look like “I just fell off of a Christmas tree.”  and he did.  I have a B-I-G weakness for both hapa people and especially 20 year old guys for some reason. Why? It’s from experience of course.  Some of the best sex in my life has been with 20 year old young men..the perfect Abercrombie model come to life in a insatiably horny and energetic fucking machine.  How perfect indeed.  In gay male sex culture, they call this guy a twinkie…

But this boy, lied to the booker about the fact that he was using credit cards, WAS USING HIS DAD’S CREDIT CARDS which were expired or voided anyway and gave me a pen which did not have the barrell to it, because he had already tore it apart so he could smoke crack with it.  He did NOT look like a crack head at all..Imagine if the boy in this picture was the baby face of this 20 year old smooth talking stud…

He knew EXACTLY what he was doing.  Some young guys have the knack for getting in the sack with hot older women from the gate and other guys with twice their experience and money still can’t get laid to save their lives.  The 20 year old was starting to see that his dad’s fake credit cards were NOT going to through, he lied to the booker and told her he was paying cash.  He was totally flirting with me and trying to get me to stay with him, on his full mattress futon bed in the converted dining room to stay with him, even though he just tried to credit card fraud me for $1000!

I JUST CAN’T SEND YOUNG MEN THAT MESSAGE!  I’m a courtesan with standards dammit!  At least give me SOMETHING!  hahaha.  Sometimes standards go out the window in this “game.” I’ve traded for a [broken] air conditioner, for quantities of weed (large and small)..This boy was trying to give me the keys to his truck (without the title) as collateral that he would be able to get my money if I stayed with him for 2 hours and then would go to get the money afterwards.  It’s 8am by this time, and here comes his Filipino dad who is about 55 coming in from rolling all nite with his friends at the Avalon in Hollywood!   I should have known when the address was TOTALLY DEAD WRONG.  The dad pops his head in and says Hi to me through a parental disdainful gaze.  I’m sure he has no idea that his son is using his credit cards with a hooker.  I grew up in a mostly Filipino suburb of the Bay Area, so most of my friends parents were Filipino immigrants, so it had such an eerie dejavu to my childhood having some Pinoy father say Oy to you while you were about to do something sexual.

But I didn’t let him get me.  He was slick and smooth and he tried hard, but I left him shaking my head..”Call me when you have money, babe” I said.  I left thinking dirty thoughts but it was mostly because he tried to rip me off that I didn’t stay, and it was also because he was so fucking HOT (even his little scam was kind of hot, like that Tom Cruise movie where he is a teenager seduced by an escort, remind me of what that is..?) but I just left it as a fantasy.  Don’t try to credit card fraud a hard working girl!  I’ve keyed up cars and kicked people’s doors in for moves like that!  The BEST sex I EVER had with a 20 year old happened one night when I was still just an outcall stripper (who staunchily did NOT have intercourse or even handjobs) with any of her clients under any circumstances, but one guy, a roadie for a rock band had gotten me so hot and I wanted to get laid anyway and GOOD LORD What a great decision that was!!  I remember feeling all sorts of guilt over doing prostitution, even though I justified that it wasn’t prostitution it was just an outcall stripping client that turned into a consensual sex date for free.  He had only paid for the stripshow, the sex was free.  This is what we are supposed to tell the cops in a court of law..I was so uptight before I was actually doing full service.  Really.  I was.

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