ode to M.I.A

I’m trying to stay hopeful everyday

I’m wondering what the point of communicating at all is, if everyone is always misunderstanding me and each other constantly.

If I am supposed to not be bothered by words and what other people think about me, then what is the point of interacting with other humans in the first place?

So many people just say shit JUST to say something. Even as the words are leaving their mouths they don’t care about what they say. They just want to talk talk talk about everyone else to make themselves feel better.

If people really do not want to know “What’s on your mind?” or “How Are you?” because if you tell them how you hurt, how you feel, how you struggle…they do not care.

And if you’ve made them uncomfortable by your TMI (too much information) then it is your problem.

If you overreact, it’s your fault.

M.I.A is being honored as both an artist and activist.  That’s amazing news to me.  She is the only Asian woman in the mainstream pop world of substance that has broken any ground with major political views.  Okay, Tila Tequila really helped us with bisexual visibility and bisexual “reality” but this shit is bigger, deeper and stronger than anything ELSE on MTV these days.

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