HELP make an art revolution in Las Vegas with me!

**UPDATE FROM 6/15/2010:  Yesterday we exceed our originally projected $2500 goal and are now watching the cup OVERFILL! We are already at $2779 with 3 days to keep collecting!!  This was the easiest fundraising for sex worker arts that I have EVER been a part of.  I must admit for a few days it was a little nerve wracking.  I threw in my framed art piece because I was sooo worried we weren’t going to make our goal.  I am so used to that from days of being in debt with SWOP-LA.  So much of my own personal money went into making things happen for us that I was almost used to having to resort to that sacrifice.   $1500 goes to the art track and $1000 of the money goes to scholarships for our participants.  Hopefully the rest of the money can go towards paying the artists who are also the volunteer organizers a performance stipend for the work they are performing for the conference.***

Did you know that the Desiree Alliance conference is in it’s 4th year and is the only sex worker led grassroots conference of ITS KIND IN THE U.S?  I am in charge of the arts and entertainment happenings for this amazing event happening from July 25-30, 2010 in Las Vegas, Nevada where most people DON’T EVEN KNOW THAT PROSTITUTION IS STILL ILLEGAL.  “Go to Vegas.” people say, but they have no idea that the “sin city” is really “hypocrisy” city to us because they not only outlaw prostitution in Las Vegas but they have been known to plaster on the front page of the local newspapers MUGSHOTS of the arrested sex workers to shame them out of the casinos!  I believe that Las Vegas fully represents the hypocrisy of America’s “freedom” around body and sex.  You can be a pussycat doll, but you better NOT dare be a pussy for sale cat doll or your ass is going to jail and the judge and prosecutors will HOPE that your life is ruined as a result!  And don’t get me started about the brothel system! If you have been following my blog, you should know by my first hand report that LEGAL PROSTITUTION in the brothel system is a replica of cathouse jail to me.

We are fundraising on a site called KICKSTARTER.  Check out this link and PLEASE DONATE! Even $5 will help and you will get a chance to get some fab premiums from all the hot artists involved..

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Here are pics from the 2006 public performance.  That year was instrumental in the development of my sex worker activism.  I had just quit teaching full time and decided that I would dedicate my life for the next now 4 years to art and sex worker activism and travel the world.  I had just crossed the line from being “just a stripper/stripper activist” to being a full blown full service escort and it was an amazing time in my life!  I was free and full of life and love!  I had just turned 30 and received a Masters Degree from one of the best schools in the U.S!  I was ready to be a free wheeling whore activist artist and travel the world!  But that’s how we do it, many many of us do this work to fuel our creative careers and MOST OF THIS GRASSROOTS MOVEMENT IS FUNDED BY OUR SEX WORK, but it would be nice if it could be funded by supportive allies in the community from other walks of social justice circles, so  PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD!  POST THE KICKSTARTER LINK ON YOUR FACEBOOK! SUPPORT OUR WORK TODAY BY CLICKING THE LINK AND DONATING!

I want to introduce you to Annabelle Xaah. She is an amazing sex worker activist of Asian descent that has been in the game since the age of 15!  She is now a neuroscience student at an IV league school in New York and she also is full of musical, writing and artistic talents!  We will be performing together in Las Vegas for the Desiree conference.  This video is a snippet of what you will see at the closing night party at the Erotic Heritage Museum, July 29th 2010.

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