2011 still going strong!

Do you want to know what my dreams are made of?  Singing my heart out, changing lives, breaking barriers and busting myths…..

On January 27th is the first of TWO DREAMS that I am finally realizing in the beginning of this year of the RABBIT (which technically hasn’t quite started yet but man, my luck is ON)..

I have been working on being a professional cabaret singer for about 12 years since I graduated from college (undergrad).  I thought I would be famous in my twenties, well, I kind of wasn’t famous, but NOTORIOUS.  I sang my heart out as the asianprincess on my rocking horse all around San francisco and in my retirement show from the stripclub, I was the first and probably last singing country western karaoke stripper with a gorilla that they ever had at the club.  The high point of my career was making the entire club do a STRIPCLUB WAVE!  LOL

I haven’t rivaled that type of notoriety since coming to LA to be an artist and entertainer.  Part of the reason is because I got sidetracked with a Masters Degree and starting a non profit and working endless 60 hour weeks in both positions for 4 of the 6 years that I’ve lived in LA.

But now, I”m ready!  SWOP-LA and teaching FULL TIME are part of my past and I am ready to step out in a big big way with a live live jazz band in historical Chinatown which was the originally location of some of the first Chinese American jazz bands in California during the 60s!

The band that I put together is for the new monthly fundraiser bringing awareness and some operational revenue to the organization that I founded in 2006 and never had enough money to really run correctly.  5 years later we are trying to start up again, with a new director and all new members and a plan to make this fundraiser a fun and hip way to draw in supporters and not break our backs doing work and creating community at the expense of our own sanity and souls.

You can buy tickets NOW ONLINE and secure your VIP seat next to Nina Hartley eating greasy Chow Fun noodles during the show!


The second of my dreams being realized is my solo full length show “Modern Day Asian Sex Slavery: the musical” which I was in the midst of  planning at the beginning of 2010, everything was going great in the new year again and I was kicking ass and feeling good and then some asshole decided he would fuck with me at a massage appointment I took at my house (a rare incall appointment) which flipped my priorities into fight or flight for a year and I concentrated on training to be a Krav Maga warrior and a true whore revolutionary armed now physically as well as mentally and spiritually.

February 8th I will debut the show at Long Beach State as part of the Sex Positive Week.  I am a returning artist there, so I’m glad to be back, and I’m super glad to be supported by the clubs of LBSU and paid to perform work that I’ve been dying to get out of me.  I have a NEW DIRECTOR for the show who is a brilliant solo performer in her own right named Saria Idana, and she is responsible for getting me to produce my brilliant PERFORMANCE LOG sliding out of my head after being constipated for over a year ! LOL

Well, it’s like an artistic constipation…exactly.  Not like having a baby, like take a big shit after wanting to for a year.  I found her on accident and it fell into place because the universe determined it well.  I could not be any happier.

Mounting these two project simultaneously is crazy and overwhelming, but it’s the way that I work BEST.  CRAZY BUSY or depressed about not being busy enough.  Some people HATE this about working with me.  I know it.  What can I do. Most people learn how to control me and not hate me.  Like other sex workers in the commnity who are creative and brilliant, I am also CRAZZZZY too.  No exception, just different levels of functionality.

Singing for me is like making art.  It is a core part of my happiness and life force.  Watch the video and hope you can feel it just radiate out of my soul..I’ve been singing since i was a kid, not allowed to sing in the presence of my family and not supported as a singer by them for the most part which is why this dream has always been something I’ve been even more determined to do and stick with.

the fundraiser is coming together so nicely.  Planning ahead and delegating is so cool!  Nice work if you can get it…

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