Whatever the work may be@the LA MOCA today

This.neon piece was up at the LA MOCA levis filmmaking studio.  fitting.for.my last post!  LEVIS has been doing labor related billboard and ad campaigns and I have totally taken notice.  SEX WORK IS WORK!  But not only that, it’s that the WORK of sex work most of the time doesn’t even involve SEX!  It involves mostly sitting in front of a computer posting ads and answering ads, answering the phone and screening out idiots.  30% of the time is spent driving to bum and prank dates and the other 20% is spent doing the sex work.  This is why when a provider charges $x00 per HOUR, it really boils down to about $15-20/hr for most of us, considering the work that goes into getting the actual gig.  This is ALSO true of art, performing and acting gigs.  That’s why when someone books me or my show, I charge them $1000 because it’s not just about the hour or two that I am performing and doing a Q&A, you are paying for all the time, research, practice, development and production that goes into making the final piece that you see or just saw.

After Sex Worker Cabaret in Toronto

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