4 years thegoddess

LinkedIn tells me Congratulations, I’ve been a professional goddess for 4 years now.  So I thought I would write this in case some of you don’t know what it is that I do for a living.  

4 years ago, I met Destin Gerek fed up with my life as an escort.  I had stories of chasing clients down the street with a stun gun and hating the toll the hard knock life was taking on my body, soul and mind.  All of which i felt I was losing.  The money I was making took long hours of staying up all night and risking my life and I was at the end of “not sustainable” and about to implode.  He coached me and was the catalyst into my current life, but there lots of teachers and mentors after him who also deserve credit. Triambika Ma Vive’s hands on trainings gave me many of my body work and basic Tantrika tools, and then the next year  Shawn Roop trained me on how to take Tantra and make it into a hands off coaching practice, so the choice to be naked or not was totally in me and I had solid tools to run a completely legit healing business for men, women and couples.  Although, to date, my speciality still remains men. men. men. men.  And it could just be me or where I advertise or the Universe or something else.  Men (gay and/or straight) are attracted to thegoddess.  I stopped resisting it.  I made a business out of it.  I’ve worked with a few women.  maybe 5?  in 4 years!  But the spiritual path was awakened and that was my COME TO GODDESS moment, which since I was the goddess and thegoddess (me) is a channel for the divine which is greater than me, something that I feel and don’t have to explain with a book or dogma has led to many many other teachings and courses including learning how to Kirtan chant, going on a 10 day silent Vipassana meditation and then last year training to combine KINK and TANTRA and COACHING with Francesca Gentille, another career changing course that made me into the practitioner I am today.   I’ve also learned from the free content of  Jason D McClain and lots from Monique Darling and always from Tony Robbins and Gabrielle Bernstein.  
The thing that people pay me the most for is to introduce them into their sexuality development, to DOMINATE WITH COMPASSION, to LOVE AUTHENTICALLY WITHOUT ATTACHMENT.  and sometimes, rarely we have intercourse, but mostly that’s not what people pay me for.  Not even close.  And if we do or did, it was entirely my choice and power and I didn’t do it because I got paid, I did it because the connection we were building inspired that next connection.  Or…I just wanted to.  I can do that.  The ball is ENTIRELY IN MY COURT. ALWAYS. Much of the work I do is CLOTHED.   I even work on niteflirt, a PHONE SEX website and I DO NOT OFFER PHONE SEX!  I coach.  with my glasses on and I do not wear fetish outfits or make up most of the time and STILL I THRIVE.
At this moment, I am planning a trip to go see a client in Okinawa and also negotiating with a client who is willing to pay me $2500 plus travel back to LA (where I just was last month!).  I charge $2500 and these men are not doing cocaine while saying yes to me.  We are both sober and in our authenticities and seeking to heal each other and the world and communities around us.  It is my 4th year building this business, I raised my rates in 2017 and these 2 clients are both a resounding YES, HOW CAN I PAY YOU to my 2017 rates.  And I do this IN JAPAN.  AND MY BUSINESS IN TOKYO is better than it was in LA, and I can still go back to LA or anywhere in the U.S and work anytime I want to.  Except doing Tantra bodywork is ILLEGAL IN THE U.S and it isn’t in Japan.  And exactly TEN YEARS AGO I was arrested for prostitution and I’m actually not even supposed to be granted a visa in Japan because of that history but I’m good at working outside of the laws.  TEN YEARS AGO, I remember saying to a crowd at a conference,”I am a professional drug user.  Really, I get paid to do drugs.” and I remember feeling proud of that because I wasn’t a drug addict and somehow I was winning.
But, I’m not one to say everything is all good good good all the time.  But I hope if you are somewhere questioning the possibilties of your future that I can


 And if you want to talk to me more about our paths and how they can cross towards helping you to achieve your YES HOW CAN THEY PAY YOU LEGITIMATELY, message me.   Especially if you are woman identified.  Here’s my website and I’m not afraid to share it, but my next biz move is to change my goddess name into Mariko Passion and start TANTRA TOKYO LOVE here in Japan as my second business portal because I don’t need a separate pro name anymore: 

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