Operation Upward Mobility Down Under

DSC_0024I don’t gamble at tables, I only gamble on myself.  Something in my heart told me to go for this. Again, i took a big risk with no one’s advice.  I just read a posting on a FB group from a woman who made a lot of money here and I just felt like I needed to go and try to do that.  My attempts to do sex work in Tokyo had failed. Around my birthday, I interviewed at a strip club and at an dating agency. Both interviews were entirely in Japanese and both people never called me back.  One month later, I’m reading my Facebook notices and this woman’s report about Sydney (she worked non stop 12 hours and it was great for her) working pops up and I couldn’t get it off my brain all day. I looked at airline tickets from Tokyo and one was only $600 with a twelve hour stopover in Fiji.  This sounded like a great adventure that I really needed to take. Something told me that it would be foolish to not to do it, as there was so much YES inside of me, so much desire to just knock away any doubts or scheduling conflicts with my classes and students in Japan.  If teaching English full time in Tokyo’s working hustle bustle was supposed to be a steady income, it really wasn’t. Getting paid $2500/month and being exhausted as shit doing so was never going to get me the things that I needed in the next year. I had not had a computer for nearly a year since my last near new Mac book Pro got stolen in LA last year.  My passport and laptop were stolen and I was again in the same feeling of broke down broke-ness except in LA, I had a sponsor who helped make sure that I didn’t starve while I was working out my situation. I borrowed money to go to Seattle where the promise of working at someone’s apartment where I could also stay for free was offered by another sex worker. It worked out fabulously.  I had enough money to get a replacement rush order passport and a one way ticket back home to Tokyo. It’s been a year since I’ve had a computer that could process digital images and video, my you tube channel has since ceased and other creative projects that I had had to be put on hold until I could settle back into some income in Japan. This settling into teaching with regularity at schools and with private students took months to get to a living wage.  In the meantime, the Backpage founder was arrested, pleaded guilty and the entire website was shut down. Things were going to change for sex workers all over the world. My clients in Japan were few and far between but they were high paid and high quality. In fact, my Tantra business was doing better than it had EVER done in LA in the first year that I landed in Japan. And then since my laptop was stolen it seems like things have been consistently hard. But this is supposed to be a steady real job.  In Seattle I was doing massage and Tantra clients, still in my identity and doing what I love, sharing energy with seekers. I was living off of a menial teaching income and it even took several months for it to even reach the $2500 per month mark that it is even at now. I’ve consistently tried differently things locally, like interviewing at various places mentioned above and working on my Tantra Tokyo Love website and Facebook page to try to attract local clients on my own. I just got fed up with not having a computer and just not havig enough one day and decided that I would try again to hustle.  So now I am in my Sydney, Australia hotel room that I booked for the purposes of seeing clients, but 2nd night into it there are no clients emailing or calling at all and I get the familiar feeling of financial ruin and loss of investment, and even worse the scariness of not being able to eat or be housed while away from home. Last night, I called two massage houses looking for work. One of the women had her standard talk where she coaxes the new workers in with promises of loads of cash, food, alcohol and then when I started to tell her the details like…I’m 42. Size 10. Asian.  American. (Sorry, love you’re not suitable). And that was it. I asked her why but she didn’t really say much except, I know what my clients want. I am on a tourist visa so it is really up to who wants to take a risk on me, but it still makes me feel old, fat, ugly and washed up. This familiar broke ho feeling. I did it to myself again. Chasing the empowerment. But what was I supposed to do? My regular job was barely paying the bills and I need to move apartments in January and I don’t have a way to do that right now. Mostly I want to get into doing my art again. Making music, editing videos and editing photos are actually my livelihood NOT TEACHING ENGLISH.   If you’d like to donate to this effort where I fundraise for a new used computer and actually get a computer to do your premiums, I’m giving away a finished piece of music and/or artwork. Donations by paypal to kanonsama2016@gmail.com


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  1. August 5, 2018 at 7:32 am

    Mariko isn’t Sydney beautiful.And yes there is heaps of work. I’m surprise that you didn’t go there sooner. You will get very wealthy if you budget right. And I’m waiting to hear about an apt I applied for and got accepted just a moment please. e’ Take care.@V

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