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DAY 4: 10 girls now, no dates yet

Today was a healthy day if anything. I did 30 minutes on the treadmill that they have in this room with the tanning bed, crunches and some exercises with the 5lb weights. I played the guitar and watched the winning Gold medal women’s volleyball game against China! I LOVE the olympics in case you haven’t figured out. it’s the only time that mainstream America is actually watching all these sports that I actually like. I don’t give a shit about basketball, football; I kind of like baseball but don’t follow it, but every four years America is watching swimming, gymnastics, volleyball and diving. These are all sports that I used to actually train and compete in high school or jr college (long ago..) so it’s really personal to me to be watching these matches. Everytime someone cries win or loose, I cry. Crying for me is like sneezing. If an actor in movie or an athlete on screen starts crying, so do I. It’s also the only time you will see me actually watching prime time television every night.

typical Nevada brothel line-up

google image search: Nevada brothel line-up

I have done multiple line ups and not gotten picked. I’ve done a couple of tours with guys who weren’t interested in “partying” or with one who pretended he only had $100. This really hot blonde girl from Reno gets picked a lot, a tall thin Black girl is doing really good here and a lot of older “down home sluts” who are older, heavier but have what I’m thinking are trucker girlfriend looks–are also pretty popular today. Getting picked is totally random, not based on race, age or body weight but so far, does not include me.

I sold a SWOP-LA t-shirt at least to a guy I took on a tour who was buying up Bella’s t-shirts by the armful. At least I made $20 today.

So far on the CB there every day there are either really hateful guys who are either racist when I’m on (sucky, sucky, me love you long time comments) or “shut up you stupid fucking whore cunt bitch!” which is crazy because these guys walk through the door and I know that this is the group that they are coming from. The other extreme is the literally Holy Rolling trucker who starts preaching the gospel to block us from advertising. Both the local brothels on this block do this every other hour. There is a script to read and we all take shifts doing it.

The girls in the house has increased by 4 and now there are at least 10 of us in line ups which makes it even harder to snag the 2 guys that come through the door every other hour. Looks like its going to be a late night up again. A couple came through this afternoon and she picked the only black girl in the house, who I’ve befriended a bit. I gave her some of my dental dams to prepare for her date, but they never came back. A lot of the girls refuse to do couples and a lot of them do not know anything about domination even though we have an equipped dungeon in the house, which seems to freak out most of the guys that have come through. I’m hoping a sub comes through the door so I can snag him.

Aunt D announced that T, someone who had worked recently overdosed after her abortion and was dead. She started to cry in front of us before line up and it was a very shocking sad start to the day. I didn’t know T, but its always tragic to me when a fellow sex worker falls.

Some of the girls started whispering in front of me so I just walked back to my room so they could talk their shit out loud. I’m trying not to get sucked in to any girl drama, but I always have been a target for some bitch without anger management to feel that she has to confront me. I’ve not yet gotten into a fight even though plenty of girls have gotten in my face and wanted to (but not in the last 10 or so years). There used to 6 or 7 of us and most of us were nice, but now I fear that the estrogen chemistry is about to change.

One of the girls kept saying ‘faggot’ and fag boy and fag over and over again so I had to call her out on it. I did so very calmly and non confrontational like I have done many times as a high school teacher and Gay Straight Alliance advisor. “Wow. You’ve used the word fag like 10 times in just 1 sentence, that’s pretty amazing.” I said. “It seems like you don’t like fags.” I said as I was getting hot water for my tea. “does that bother you?”she said as I was walking away. But me and her have been cool so I didn’t know if my intervention would be considered a confrontation, nor do I know if it would make my rep worse in the house or not.

11pm. no dates so far. at least my cervix gets to heal up.

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