The Story of Passion, copyright 2007.

Mariko Passion

not a trend or a fashion

meaning: child of pure truth + PASSION

lost but now found
comin’ with enough direction to ration
I’m like a drug that you’re stashin
gotten so used to the talk they b trashinDo you really think you’re different-
or better than me just
cause you give it up to your man for “free?”I came to this work as an activist
given the knowledge and power
and space
to truly blossom into
a cherry blossom ginger flower
born out of womens movements gone sour.
so much strife and struggle,
I thought it was an addiction
but in the end it was my finest
they say they are feminists but
tell me
why don’t they listen to
us so called prostituted women
crying for
the right to a voice
consistently ignored
hundreds of years of animosity
silenced and stored
its just the oldest profession
you’d think they’d be bored
but they just don’t see that
when mommy married rich,
its just with one client she whoredand don’t get me started
with my so called
revolutionary sisters and brothers
who want to deny our sexual power
and force us to conform and cower

believing the eradictation of
pimps, hos and prostitution
and/or absolution
is supposed to be a realistic
or liberating solution?

replicating the oppression you sought to condemn
the need to raid, rescue, protect, serve or silence
is a cycle of violence that was started by THEM!

Mariko Passion:
far from another
no agenda havin, small dog holding,
fake breasted
debutante Cinderella
a self determined ass kickin independent Asian Jezebel-la. Looking to do business and not marriage with the next open minded fella
From the NorCally Bay Area, home of the hify and the hella

transplanted to South Central LA
the rent and the weather way better
so down there is where I stay
it’s not about force or choice
but many shades of gray
and I work to create a voice
and I make strides towards better dayz
not an addiction to be cured
not a pathology or a phase
speaking out whenever I can
about the
moral panic
sex slave
trafficked victim craze

complexifying paradigms
and opening minds when I open my mouth
Sex Workers Outreach Project
covering the state from north to South
a nationwide movement
a whore revolution
constantly pushing towards the much needed solutions
our work; never done
and most is unpaid but satisfying and fun

I keep pointing my politics in their faces
and make them stare into it like its
the barrel of their own gun
and if you thought the fight was over—
well, it’s only just begun.



To all my female survivalists

A gold digger is a go getter bitches

U need to make yourself feel better By dissing me

But don’t hate the ho

hate the pimp system that created me

This is a shout out to all my fellow mercenaries,

Girls gotta do what they need to do

by any means necessary

we need to rise up and stop depending

on these dudes to get free

Start takin back our bodies

Even hos and bitches can be revolutionary

Cuz wouldn’t it be quite extraordinary

If I could finance my dreams without looking

for money to marry

But the reality is that they want us to be

Their cheap ignorant, girls gone wild for free

while a few good ol boys get rich off of money we never see

hypocritically PIMPING our image and OUR sexuality

If there were a better way than hustlin and shakin your ass at the club til 3

Just to feed a dream and a little baby

If there were some way to keep this music dream alive

Without risking craigslist killers or answering your phone til 5

Or manage to finance your college degree

Just  to graduate and become an employee

And beg on the phone for your dignity

While the bank won’t cash your check

less u pay them all their overdraft fees

Obama already bailed them out but they still want to take from me??

I might be that poor frustrated bitch who walks into a bank and bombs everybody

Cuz the banks don’t give a fuck if you can’t eat!

And the politicians will smile in your face while you’re

homeless with AIDS, begging for money in the street

Health insurance death panels vote to kill you

and your unborn child just to save them money,

And I know the global imperialist system

won’t ever let us truly be free

And that’s why I don’t apologize

for bein a whore revolutionary


Whore revolutionary

Says my body is MY property

And If I need your protection, boo

Then  I’ll make sure that you see,

that you’re just the one driving the car for me

Taking back the reins of my sexuality

There ain’t no shame in this game

Mama taught me to never give it up for free

Smokin trees and traveling the world

Mariko passion: whore revolutionary


you don’t need a man or money to be VIP

just follow me

to the land of the whore revolutionary

You lock me up if I dare to survive and profit

some give it away for free, but i dare to make $$ off it

The system steady recycling bodies of mostly Black Jezebellas

She’s so proud to be bottom bitch, she’s her daddy cinderella

Outstanding warrant, out on bail, can’t pay the fine then take her ass to jail

and her daddy sure do love her so very much

he’ll even tell her so through the payphone in the cell

but he’ll make her do the time

and won’t even pay her bail!  (well, fuck that..)



Let em borrow Never buy

always negotiate for the Bigger piece of the pie

Let em rent by the hour; but never rent to own

‘less you like being treated like a little girl even though you grown

Increase the police, they try to keep us down with their laws

to the whore revolutionaries, renegades and outlawz..

Hustling and doing illegal things just to get by

but we just keep keepin on, hustlin til dawn,

keep making our money and staying high

Gimme a Ho!
And have the media announce to all of LA
that if she is a Black female caught walking or standing tonight or today
anywhere near Figueroa and the East 60 or 70th Streets
that they can have their way
using this newly created injunction
that is supposed to serve the function
of fixing this prostitution and pimping
“problem” that’s been supposedly “plaguing” the citizens of the South Central junction

They take the right to run your ID and check if you’re in the system
Hoping that you have priors or outstanding warrants and that their computers will list ‘em
They take the right to intimidate, incriminate, instigate a false confession,
And Confiscate the condoms that you use to protect yourself
from the risks of the profession
Maybe you just had propalytics on you, well, better hope you don’t have more than 3-
Because they use it as evidence against you to
make sure that prostitutes remain the falsely
convicted cause and not the preventors of HIV
and if the gender on your ID doesn’t reflect what they think see
they’ll feel the extra right to abuse and humiliate you before they
consider setting you free

Meanwhile at the same time in South Los Angeles
A series of Black females were also caught walking or standing
Fitting the same profile for an Orange pinto driving psychotic trick
Who seemed to get his kicks
In raping and shooting sex workers in the chest
leaving their bodies naked in garbage bags in dumpsters
betting on the proven fact
that no one really cares
about the disposable lives of some South LA hustlers

the LAPD leaving their families to guess
who killed their daughters and how they got caught up in this mess
It goes with the trade, cops say
What could you expect when working the blade they say
11 murders of sex workers since 1985
A $500,000 reward for another Black man wanted
Dead or alive-
They want DNA samples from prisoners who the killer could be related
“We need all Black males who have since 1982 have been incarcerated!”
The prison industrial complex has successfully
kept Black men locked down and segregated,
so that detectives can have their way
to analyze the alleged killers alleged family members of alleged killers
on any given day…

$500,000 or more is spent on Vice unit cops who sit on Craigslist
Clicking away
Who on the erotic service providers list
Is going down to the station today?
They can’t find the killer so they target 5 or 10 escorts to arrest
Protecting us from violence would be too hard, so arresting us is best
And these stings actually convince some people
That cops are making steps to protect their daughters
From the hands of another serial killer slaughter
jail is supposed to scare us out of the trade
but how the fuck do they expect us to pay
off the bail, fines and legal costs from the arrest record that they’ve made

Its all part of system that does nothing but continue to masturbate
and eat its own semen
Men, women and transgenders sit in cuffs
but porn is on everyone’s computer freely streamin
Is a world free of prisons and decriminalizing prostitution
something left only for wishful dreamin’?
When does the hypocrisy and selective enforcement
over our sex, genders and bodies end?
When will I no longer have to sit in court,
in my best Ladies Suit suit to defend
My right to fuck and get paid
When will I no longer have to be afraid
Of abusive police or prostitute killers
Who are just a side effect of the condition
that this system made

When will these tunnel visioned activists no longer be afraid
To invite us to the table,
and ensure that we have a presence in their resistance brigade

Do YOU understand that sex workers have always been part of the solution
Will you take this poem to your community and make sure that whores are part of
Your revolution??


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