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Fighting to keep San Francisco a sanctuary city for ALL migrant workers

photo by Brice McGowen

photo by Brice McGowen

San Francisco’s sanctuary city status was again awakened to Immigration raids at 4am when 17 homes in low income neighborhoods had their doors busted in by immigration authorities, also known as I.C.E last night. There excuse was that there were looking for El Salvadorean gang members from MS-13 (Mara Salvatrucha) which they created because of these types of deportations and raids. They were actually making the gang bigger and allowing trafficking of drugs to occur by deporting people from the U.S prisons back to Latin American countries!! Such fucking bullshit!  These types of justifications are the same rhetoric that ICE uses to raid massage parlors and rescue trafficking victims that they don’t find. In San Francisco, which is supposed to be a port for trafficking they have found 0 trafficking cases. There were emergency protests at the I.C.E building today, as well as a youth action planned on October 31st. I decided this was the perfect alliance building opportunity for migrant sex worker issues to be addressed, and for some people of color outreach to happen. Cindy Sheehan, who is running for Congress was there. The socialist party, radical women and the sex workers working for a yes on prop K were also there. I went to an organizing meeting for the Oct 31st event. Even though the masses that they hope to attract probably won’t be able to vote (youth under 18 and undocumented folks), I felt that supporting this issue was and is so very crucial to our movement. For anyone who cries “No Human Being is Illegal” should also understand the plight of sex workers, and stand together to help migrant sex workers stand alongside all other workers in the immigrant rights and anti-deportation and state terror movement. I have always felt alienated by the voting process, the groups that I have worked with have always been comprised of folks that feel disenfranchised by the systems in place. The voter handbook is 40 pages thick and requires HOURS to really read and go through. No wonder people just listen to who newspapers tell them to vote for.

Robyn Few, our fearless founder

Robyn Few, fearless founder of Sex Workers Outreach Project. She founded SWOP to vote in Measure Q to decriminalize prostitution in the city of Berkeley 2004 ( the measure lost, but a national organization was founded).

Perhaps I’m too radical for even the Prop K people, I’m not sure. I wanted to protest the raids; others wanted to precinct walk and others wanted to sit in a creative writing class for sex workers. I always get caught up in the spirit of protest against the government. I love how mobilized the immigrant rights movement is. It’s always been inspiring, however, in LA my efforts to try to get them to include sex workers in their dialogue about work has failed because if I weren’t present in their meetings, then no one would make sure that the migrant sex worker or migrant client community would be represented.

yes on K!

yes on K!

Everything has been happening in this campaign and in general at the speed of wind. Reporters call someone from our group and they want to do an interview with AP, CNN, NBC, Chinese language news, AP reporters, the WHOLE list of everyone who is everyone. I guess putting a proposition on the ballot is a sure fire way to make our issues NEWSWORTHY and I am really seeing the media sing a whole different tune in many ways. NBCs reporter wanted to get a sex worker on camera to reveal who she was and how she did her advertising and her work, and Robyn Few our fearless founder of SWOP told them where to put it. “Our story to the media is about proposition K. We are not here for you to exploit and use as newsrags” she said, in short. I love Robyn. We are all working so hard on this campaign. And I notice how hard everyone who is working on any campaign around the city is also working equally as hard. I had never really appreciated the process before.

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