2011-2012 SOLO THEATRE SHOW bookings:

Modern Day Asian Sex Slavery: the Musical

TECH REQUIREMENTS: video projector, computer/laptop w/ /Apple Quicktime and MS Powerpoint software, CD player, microphone, theatre lights w/ dimming capability  (i.e not a classroom w/ fluorescent lights)

PERFORMANCE TIME + Q&A= 90 minutes (performance 40-50 minutes)

REHEARSAL WITH TECH PERSON (in exact performance venue space)



If tech person is NOT provided: Tech person $100/performance, $50 rehearsal = $150, Artist Honorarium $1000

TOTAL: $1150, $1000 if tech person is provided plus  housing and travel expenses from Los Angeles, CA.


PERFORMING RIGHTS: The Art of Sex Worker Activism

powerpoints and videos of sex worker rights artist/activists who have travelled and done cultural exchanges from local sex worker organizations around the world since the 70s.  Highlighted organizations are COSWAS in Taiwan, APROASE in Mexico City, APNSW in Thailand and SWOP in the U.S.  Learn how visibility, humor, performance art and activism have been an essential part of the sex workers struggle since it’s inception.

Sex Worker Festivals and Art Shows

Sex Worker Festivals and Art Shows



(available as a 60-90 presentation/discussion for colleges) shown with Canada’s SEXTV episode on Migrant Sex Work and a clip from the Hollywood movie “Taken”

There has been a continued control of the representation of the Asian female sex worker by the U.S/Western media since I can remember being able to analyze popular culture (age 15?) I started my activism around a political consciousness of Asian female sexuality. I was ANGRY at the STEREOTYPES!!!! Angry at being sexualized!! But upon deveopment of my own whoredom, venture into the sex work profession and coming out as queer, I realized that I was just hating because I was secretly wanting. I also realized that it was far more liberating to be proud of distinctively Asian sexual traits than allow the stereotypes to control my sexual expression and buy into the repression of the sexuality of an entire gender and race. Upon examining the history of migration of Asian women in the U.S I discovered that this repression was centuries old and that it was still very much alive and well. It was also being accepted for the most part by other Asian American women!

Behind the China doll colonialist ideas is the white savior mentality which portrays Asian women as victims to the worst possible crime of all: forced multiple partner rape via forced prostitution. This scenario is really just a BDSM fantasy or the cover of a pulp fiction novel in itself but bears its ugly metaphorical head in every anti-trafficking campaign, and every anti-prostitution campaign from this side of the globe in campaigns in Canada, the U.S, Mexico to Thailand and Taiwan. Rescue missions are a billion dollar industry. Many of these non profits in the business of rescuing women and girls are funded by monies that come directly from the U.S government under the guise of stopping HIV/AIDS by raiding workplaces of migrant adult sex workers who are not trafficked. The women are photographed and condoms are used as evidence of the crime of prostitution. If no trafficking is deemed to have taken place after arrest and detention of these women, then they are deported. They could apply for a T-visa to stay in the country which would require them cooperating with FBI to turn in their traffickers and stop doing sex work once issued. There have been very few T visas issued nationally and in San Francisco, which is said to have been a haven for trafficking, 0 prosectuions of trafficking in the last 3 years, despite increased budgets and campaigns to stop this issue. Urban Justice Center in New York has a Sex Worker Project with lawyers whose clients are migrant sex workers including some who have been trafficked. Many of SWP’s clients chose to stay illegal in national status and continue doing illegal prostitution instead of go through the process of applying for a T-visa and work with the authorities. This was reported by the lawyer who worked directly with them.

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